Picked Dubby up from the airport yesterday and *gleams* it’s so good to be in his warm arms once again after more than a week!


We spent the entire evening and night cuddling and exchanging holiday stories before I left

Yay! I get lotsa lovelylovely gifts from Bangkok!

I especially loved the ‘love sign’ glass and the BathingApe – Baby Milo tee you bought for me!
Guess what boo? The GelGerms are on my dressing table mirror now and the fondue is on my bedhead! =P (midnight snacks)

Oh well, the best gift is the time we get to spend together now that we’re both back from our holidays! ♥ ♥

Thanks for the lovely gifts sweetheart, and I hope you like my Christmas prezzie!

xoxo much love babyboo!