If Photo Communication classes this semester weren’t interesting enough with all the field trips I’ve mentioned here and here, we had MORE field trips! (ohh how I love my course)

It’s a good exposure, for I doubt I’ll deliberately visit these places for the mere sake of it. Nuh-uh. Nadda. So yeah, thanks Mr. Aaron Goh for bringing us around the streets of Penang and the other places!

This time around, we went to…


Since today was about photojournalism, I took the chance to interview as many people as possible. Boy, it was rather insightful to hear people from all walks of life speak and share their point of view!

Among the peeps I interviewed were:

The Coconut Man

The Silk Fabric Shop Owner
(who seems rather blur at the moment)

and a few others.

The streets of Lil India had much to explore. Many a thing of which I have not ever set my eyes on before nor have I heard of such. I was enlightened by the Indian culture!

Entering shops to check em out

whooops! Joycie, ya checking out the poster lady?

A Chinese scrap-material collector

Panjang & Pendek

An artsy ‘fountain of youth’

Even the ‘cool’ ones hang out here

There were foreigners from overseas just as fascinated by the glorious Lil India

They were also capturing lotsa photographs!

Look! A stand-up poster of Father Jesus! =D

And of cours

e, the glory of Indian Food at its best. There were plenty of Indian delicacies, almost at every corner! This time, it was pure Indian food.. not the fusion of Mamak fook.

Such ‘magic gourds’ are hung at each shop to ward off
evil spirits

Mr. Aaron & bestie Joyce were also snapping pictures of the delicacies served at Lil India

The guy would probably be thinking –
“Are they starved immigrants from Bosnia who
haven’t seen what food looks like ever before??”

In the whole of Lil India, these were the only two awnings that had rainbow colours in them. Who can justify this? =)

Oh but wait, certain things need no substantiation.

A Chinese temple on the streets of Lil India.

There were some violence involved.
*shut your eyes little children*

(click to enlarge. the expressions and words are NICER)

Aside from all the fun, it was scorching hot and this added much outrage and annoyance to my bestie Joyce. =) Well, to make things worse,




Yes, lost in the hustle and bustle of Little India. The routes and pathways seem to repeat itself and we kept going around in circles! We were desperately directionless during the extreme weather but oh well, upon seeing this magnificent Pakistani mosque –

we knew we were on the right track to where I parked my car.

It’s a one-way ticket to HomeSweetHome!