that we’re moving closer and closer to the finals, bits & pieces of my hurdles are over!

1. The recorded radio show
2. Copywriting poster & booklet
3. Organizational Communication presentation assignment.

Numéro Un: Recorded Radio Show

Good thing we booked the studio early! We could at least practise for a few rounds to polish up our technical skills and fluency.

YAY for my interviewee! Lasker was the first interviewee to arrive and we had plenty of time to conduct the final round of pre-interview and discussions. =D f.y.i, I introduced him as the ‘founder of the first ever live chatroom of its kind’ right on air! Banggabangga lah Lasker nih. =P

Ivan’s interviewee came 2nd – A Pantai Jerejak assemblyman of PKR
Ragu’s interviewee was 3rd – KDU Football Coach (cute British accent!)
Rue’s interviewee was the final one to arrive – A Fitness First gym instructor

When the it was time for hour radio show, we hit off right on time:

Please be silent & wait for the cue!

and 3..2..1…
we’re on a take!

Dear Rue busy with her scripts

Thats moi DJ-ing

That’s moi interviewing my SPECIAL GUEST

Thanks Ragu for being my producer!
(look at Ivan in the distance : kamcheng-ing with the politician)

Camwhoring with buddy Ivan before his DJ session
oh no. He looks a bit like Steven Lim here. Yikes!
Don’t know who Steven Lim is?
Go google him up to see his blog or known as ‘official fan website’
That SICKO =)

Hurrah! I’m glad our recorded radio show went swell. Thankfully, I didn’t screw up as as I thought I would. But merciless Mr. Ken MIGHT find every way possible to cut marks. *gulp*

Cheers to us!
And to many more future cooperation!

Numero Deux: Child Sexual Abuse ads& copywriting

Copywriting went great too! High-five to Sheryn for being such a cooperative partner. It’s my first time working with her and we do actually work very well together. =D

Taking them for printing.. costing us a bomb. Ugh.

Freshly printed from the oven.

And in the print shop however, there was a baby in sight.
But, look who‘s playing with him/her?

It’s Sheryn!! LOL

After our extra efforts of cutting the god-forsaken pages into a shape that is cuter & way out of the typical, we’re finally done. BUT..

Having a perfectionist mother, she INSISTED that the sides that we cut up weren’t equal enough. -_- It’s a pain, right Sher?
hahaaha. Anyway, thanks mum!

Thanks hun, for all your support and opinions! *mwah*

These are what I’ve designed:

My retarded look to express relief.
If you’re an avid reader, I’m sure you’ve seen this face last semester

I know the presentations aren’t over yet, but I’m glad to say that we’ve already gotten everything printed out already.. and it turned out just the way I wanted it to be!
So proud of us! *high5*

Numero Trois: Strategic Organizational Communication presentation

And today, the first part of the Organizational Communication presentation assignments are over. It was my first time partnering with Eunice & Shafiq. Hmm..

Anyway guys, thanks for whatever effort & help you guys have contributed. Most of all, thanks for your cooperation. I’m sorry if i was prolly too harsh or assertive in getting it perfect. Thanks again!

Here is one slide of my presentation.
Initially, I wanted to make a joke about Mr.Mark but he seemed grumpy the whole morning so… *gasp* I’d better not say anything to step on his tail.

Overall, I’m glad he was pleased with it… from the SWOT Analysis to the Goals, Strategy & Tactics. His criticsms were : I didn’t place the stronger tactics together in my slide.

Yeah, that I admit.

It’s because I wanted the attention to be balanced. He said I shouldn’t do that because it would lessen the impact.

Okaythanks boss.

Oh and, I took a picture of Daniel presenting =)

And btw, our Live Radio Show is on the 19th & 20th of June. It’s on a Thursday & Friday at 1-2pm in our campus, KDU.

Do give us your support!