Yes, as promised. LANGKAWI NEWSFLASH!

Been dying for an Island Getaway – sun, sea, sand and…. spa massages!! And it was great timing when babe Gloria called up to ask me along. Perfecto. Very soon, I realized buddy Nadz was going along too. *woots!*

Being me, I packed my bags ONLY the night before… but somebody had to disturb me throughout my whole packing process

So yeah I played along.
Well, that’s me taking a picture of him (taking my picture) disturbing me

The next morning, we woke up to an ungodly hour as I was told to reach at 7.30am sharp. Sweetheart being him as usual, MADE me go earlier. *grumble* He accompanied me to the harbor and saw me off. Thanks darl~ Will miss ya!

Was intrigued by the sunrise ambience and caught it on camera.
I love beautiful sceneries =)

That’s our ride – Kenangan 6

There were lots and lots of people and sadly, the ferry reeked of God-knows-what. Well, that was what we settled for instead of taking the flight there. I guess, all part of the experience no? haha.

I sat next to an elderly Dutch gentleman. Apparently, he was on a holiday trip with his family in Malaysia for 2 months! Whoa. That’s a really long time to be on a holiday.
Lucky him.

I caught sight of this on his lap though

It is supposedly ‘Malaysia’ in Dutch spelling
Looks like he’s really into Malaysia – the book was effing thick!

When we arrived, there were throngs of people as expected.

How would Langkawi be informed of our grand arrival?

Why, thank you… I am honoured.
oh how I wish…. nyahaahaa
Dream on Jess.. fat hope

Chilling for a bit in Kuah Town, we did some light shopping.
Light? I doubt so.

Serene bought a bikini on the first day man! And what about Gloria?
She purchased something that matches her new white shades – an adorable straw sun hat!
… of which I managed to snap a picture of =)

Doesn’t this picture look like those taken by the paparazzi
and published on the glossy pages of celebrity magazines?

Whooops. Outside one of the shopping outlets

Coincidentally, we noticed something really fascinating. All of us were draped in the same colour groups!

Pretty awesome, dontcha think?

Oh, and randomly… I caught a sight of this man
I have absolutely no idea what he’s doing.
Sucking his thumb I suppose?

From the jetty in Kuah Town, we traveled almost halfway across the island just to get to our hotel. Look at the map! It IS geographically far after all!

Later in the afternoon, we checked into our hotel for the weekend, the Langkasuka Beach Resort. Initially, we were supposed to get into the Westin Hotel, but they were fully booked already. Guess we were too late =(

Anyway, it’s no loss because this hotel is pretty impressive too!

I like their concept, where every room is not only restricted to just one building
It’s very well distributed in a few blocks overlooking the beach & the poolside

When we were going around in circles trying to decide which outlet to eat, Gloria called her Langkawi friend (I can’t remember his name) to guide us on where to eat as we wanted to give Langkawi food a try.


and guess where he took us?

oh wow.

As if Penang & KayElle didn’t have enough Mc’Ds. HAAHAHAAH.
But on the brighter side, it’s still a classic and we’re lovin’ it!

The glory of Mc Donalds

And interestingly, a very colour-coordinated person as well

I did some shoppin too, but mostly bought souvenir-requests from the family.
So, didn’t buy anything for myself on the first day but…

I couldn’t resist the lighting!
Credit goes to Nads who took my picture

After much shoppin & sufficient rest back in the hotel, we were ready for the beach!

Serene & I all geared up fo tha beach

There we are!
Doesn’t it look so tranquil?
me loves.


Gloria had to control her hair from flying all over too!
Thank goodness mine blew in another direction and didn’t obscure my face

However, lady luck wasn’t on our side as a downpour began shortly after we were there. Poor Daniel already dipped himself in the sea and had to get out so soon!

So ‘potong stim’ =(
Darn the rain.

Rain is made up of water, so is the swimming pool! So we decided to take a dip in the pool and my, my the water was so chilly! But the body will get used to it after a while so, no worries

That’s the lot of us in the pool
(Nads took the picture)

When everyone decided to go back to the hotel room to catch a few ZzZzZ’s, I visited the spa after our swim to get myself a good massage – something I’ve been longing for ever since those dreaded final exams!

It was a really lovely spa; very spacious area with aromatic scents all around & instrumental music playing in the background as well.

Check it out:

Need to loosen up those muscles yo!

their Reflexology was the bomb, I assure you
I’m so wanting more!

After a great catnap, it was already waaaayy past dinner time. All of us were hungry and itching for some tomyam & seafood =) Oh no.

TomYam = spicy shyt!
But.. I’m lovin it!

It was a picture-perfect atmosphere
So authentic, with those ‘ataps’ and all.

Time for the after-dinner partayyy! =D

My, my Gloria… you look so stylish when you’re high

okay, enough pictures from that night.

We were all supposed to wake up early the next morning for the buffet breakfast, but most of us were too tired and lazy to wake up. I had to drag myself out of bed even. =(

But oh well, Gramps once told me, never miss the morning sun if I can!

So I got up, headed for a stroll around the resort and to catch the rays of the sunshine

Hurrah! I ain’t too late!

Sitting by the pool armed with my two little white beauties – my cybershot & my iPod, I kept my hands busy the whole morning.

Music calms the soul

Also, I photographed little vibrant children swimming in the pool
… sitting there long enough, this was what I observed.

Isn’t it beautiful how two toddlers completely unknown
to each other can form a bond so quickly?

Socialization at its divine innocence
simply beautiful.

Look, even their parents stopped to watch the melodrama


Breakfast buffet time is almost up!
Was too caught up in those morning photography… thank heavens I didn’t miss it!

The pastry they had that morning was really good

Lunch @ Sun Cafe was quite an experience too, it was very well furnished and decorated. They had desaturated pictures of a diversity of faces hung on their walls. Open air and naturally lit, I find that place very comfy to dine in.

Oh, and their fresh fruit juices rock!

Pineapple & Papaya

And we’re on the road again!
Destination : Island Hopping!

and… that’s our ride this afternoon
Better hold on tight!

It’s a very bumpy and windy ride!

But thanks to the Sony Cybershot, known for its super steady shots

We were scheduled to hop around 3 islands, first being the famous ‘Tasik Dayang Bunting’ or known as the
Lake of the Pregnant Maiden

If you look closely enough, you will see a shape of a pregnant maiden lying on her back
Amazing how nature works wonders, no?

We had a steady hike up all the way to the pregnant maiden’s hill to get to the lake

That’s the lake within that island
Legend has it that ladies who wish to be more fertile and to bear children, they would go to this lake and swim in it.

Daniel.. do YOU really wanna be a hawt mama?

umm.. ya’ll ready to be mama’s yet gurls?

But hey, it’s probably an old wives’ tale, for ancient folklore can only be that believable.

We also passed by Pulau Jong and was supposed to catch a glimpse of Pulau Singa Kechil but somehow didn’t. I guess the boat went too fast

(yeah right lah, woman)

We crusaded the oceans again in our bumpy boat ride but managed to capture a good shot of us!
Really, really windy. Probably more than 250 knots. =)

The next island we hopped onto was the Eagle Feeding territory

That’s where all the eagles are hunting for their food
We threw chicken meat & skin for them to swoop down to catch it

I really wonder what’s its like seeing things from an eagles eye view.
Marvelous, indeed.

Soon enough, we were back on the bumpy boat ride blading through the rough seas!

Believe it or not, your fingers will hurt because the speeding boat riding against the waves made the force of the water too strong

The final island we arrived on was a picturesque beach with a coral-filled sea. That’s where people go snorkelling too =)

Why, hello waves.

Nads and & by the sunny beach

Ya know what sucks?
Daniel gave me an extra coral that he found but I totally forgot to take it back home.
Dang. -_-

Yes, children. Bury dad alive

Later into the evening, we went to a nearby ‘pasar malam’ known as the night market. They sold fried burgers! How cool is that? Nads was lucky enough to get one, cos boy, they sure finish really really fast!

And yes, our night party continues. Whooooopsie, Gloria had one too many I suppose, and was on the highroad again. teehee.


Sleepin’ high in style, babe!

Next morning signifies our last day in Langkawi. Bought all the stuff we could and did some extra last minute shopping. Hmm.. I wonder how we can dodge the custom officers well enough to bring those booze & fags back to Penang!

Somehow, we did.

I’m just so glad they didn’t take my precious bottle of Bacardi away.
Here all the stuff are, safely and soundly home with me

My stuff & the gifts I bought back for family and the boyfriend

I betcha we enjoyed the trip inside out