Blogging from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in the BioChemistry classes now.

[okay, this post is backdated]

BestieJoyce & I sorta “sneaked” into their classes, heck well, no one would notice,there’s like tones of other students

I miss her, like seriously.

Today was about what ought to be hydrophobic and what’s not, ezymes, bipolar/polar cells and membranes, glycogens and the like. Strangely, I miss all this back in high school when I used to do them all.

Nostalgia bit me hard and I felt somehow remorseful that I didn’t persue it any further.

Oh and, here’s a snapshot of the new Aldo heels that Ducclebears♥ bought fer me. Was searching high and low for a pair of platform wedges with cork bottoms

And I found it!!

Anyways, it was pretty cool when the professor was lecturing. I had the notes stare back at me as I smiled in recollection. Exactly how Ms. Koay used to teach back in the high school Chemistry Lab.

Well yeah, truth be told I’m a nerd at heart. (I know you find it hard to believe, but yeah) Well at least the other side of me speaks so. I enjoyed my lesson during their class

LOL kidding babes

As this University is enormous, they had a Subway inside their very own campus! A shuttle bus too, was going around ferrying lazy students around to get to from block to the other or from one end of the campus to the other end.

Our lazy bones getting the better of us – taking the shuttle!

Layzee peepol.

Credits goes to Cheryl a.k.a NeohNeoh for being such a hospitable host. She took us around and put up with our crazy first-timer antics!

I’m very fascinated with convex mirrors
Check out the silly effects. Now we look fatter!

We continued touring the place –

BestieJoyce and I took pictures at every department that intrigued us

I saw this the first time being sold too. Call me unexposed, but they don’t sell this back in the place where I hail from. Imagine – Starbucks a day keeps the doctor away!

I live on Starbucks

We clicked rather well with Cheryl and her friends. They’re such fun peeps!

However, the saddening part is that one of them was constantly emo and well, bore suicidal thoughts. No one understood him and neither did he himself. So.. on that fateful day, he attempted suicide again.

And I managed to catch it on camera.
Let us bless this forsaken soul.

Late April’s Fool!

AHHAHAH well if you didn’t buy that, then good onya!
But if you did, GOTCHHHHAAA KAO KAO!!!!

As per the video, that sweet girl with black hair and bangs got a shock of her life. Watch it properly, she let out a high-pitched scream when he leapt off the barricade.

She was really frightened and almost teared.

We’re sorry, babe!

But hey, jokes aside.
This is a real video robbery captured on CCTV. A must watch!

This is serious. Be Careful, even at home

Anyways, thanks to this bunch of awesome whack-jobs, I got my inaugural tour of the National University of Singapore!