There’s this random person I keep seeing.

According to my dear brother, he sees her loitering around BJ all the time. And as the picture shows, shes sitting outside a cyber cafe staring into a blank space.

Can you spot her??
She’s sitting like a trishaw puller deep in thought.

Word goes around that she’s a little deranged.
She mumbles to herself all the time too

While she’s at it, a group of teens were gallivanting outside and she somehow seems oblivious to the surroundings.

I wonder where she lives….

Yeah for those of you who are followers of this blog, I know I haven’t been updating like, for two days. That is certainly a long time for me. Yeah, even if I’m away, there are sure to be exciting sights and sounds for all to relish =)

Oh and guess what I spotted one fine day?

This is just abhorring. Look at the expression ol’ Spongebob makes. THIS IS SPONGEBOB SPAM!! The smile just seems so wrong.. like, somewhat hiding an evil plot. Just like the teletubbies. I find them intimidating. Lil freaks of nature laughing in high-pitched voices with weird symbols on their heads.

Not what I would want my kids to take as a means of entertainment.

There’s always Sesame Street & Barney.

And also, I stumbled upon a Vincent. This rare breed has just gave birth to a huge animal. Don’t eat your babies!

Ahh yes… a classic photograph. One that MUST remain in our life’s pages!!

I like the way you move babeh!
If you look closely enough at his mouth, there is a squid halfway in. =P

Ahhh… the stealth moder reigns. *ahem*

Oh and have I not introduced to you this lil unknown creature? It resembles a dust ball.. only with two eyes.

It has found its habitat on my steering wheel.
Thank you Joycieee!!

Just the other day I noticed a whole lot of miniature gadgets made by Rach’s lil brudda. It made me reminisce all those good (and bad) times I had as a Girl Guide/Ranger.
How camping taught us to be less namby-pamby-milk-and-water and to be accustomed to all the harsh elements of the weather. Building gadgets and gateways…. those were the days, which to this day still remains in a fraction of my memory.

Missing high school.

Mother was right. Once you leave, there’s no turning back. To all high school kids, do make the best out of your high school life!

I’m going to our school’s sports day very soon. Can’t wait to see all those teachers and juniors again.

*hugss & kisses*
I’m an old school soul at heart