Outdoor stuff has always been my kinda thing, diggin’ it since high school! Likewise, sports. =) Sports & gymming used to be a routine to me and it’s great that I’ve been back to my passions again after a certain hiatus.

The best part is, dragging Dubby along!! *grins*

Wow.. looks like Sir Stamford Raffles found another Singapore!
“hear ye hear ye, thee shalt listen to my decree”

It didn’t take him a long time to learn up the game from me. In fact, we’ve been at it for about a year or two now. LOL. The best part is, I dragged my other buddies for a session yesterday and boy, were they panting! And it was as though they had just dunked themselves in a tub of water! =P

Told ya it was a tiring game. *makes ugly faces at Sim* How dare you make fun of my stamina during the hikes???? You were the noob of the day! =P

Anyway, Dubby & I hit my country club’s gym as usual, after our game.

From this angle, I managed to capture the both of us.

Caught him laying eggs by the e-row machine!

We had a (tiring) fun session and it ended with the protein shakes.
It’s a good thing I chose the “safe” flavour unlike the sillyDUfus who tried to be adventurous but failed miserably.

[Note to readers: Strawberry & Banana fused together as a drink is NOT pleasant at all. In fact, it could prolly end up as one of the food challenges on Fear Factor]