Well well well… what do we have here? MTV’s Punk’d? Haha.. to all the peeps that have asked/seen/complimented/commented on my 2nd tattoo as shown here :

Revealing the truth: it ain’t fo real!

Alright alright, before your jaw hangs open in shock, your teeth bared in fury and waaaay before you ransack your kitchen for the cleaver, I did it all because of my discreet survey and my sense of wanting to observe my pals’ opinions & reactions.

*giggles* So far, I’ve got all positive comments (even from mum) and 2 negative comments. So yeah, feel free to tell me what you think, in the comments section at the bottom of this entry. =)

Cos’ to be honest with you, I have a phobia with veins & wounds so I obviously would not do it for real in THAT PARTICULAR SPOT. Somehow, doing so would feel like I’m bobbing up and down on the fine line between art and suicide. Freaky.

So yeah, I did it to know what it’s like to have it right there and to see whether or not I’m bold enough to do it THERE on my left wrist. So here goes!

1st, the template I’ve chosen is ready

The air brushing process!!

LOL. let the pranking begin!

But other than the wrist? I’m completely fine with that. =) Not just fine; I’m actually lovin’ it. As of now, I’m already contemplating my 2nd one (yes, real this time) on my left shoulder blade. Oh, for those not in the know, my 1st one is the one placed on my lower back.

Seems so long ago. I miss the prickles!
Sorry for the awkward position, mum captured it when I was in slumber

So, for all my pals who got punk’d, I’d like to say…