It’s only been three weeks since I set my foot in the city – KL. But the sights of Penang still runs around my little forlorn head. Don’t get me wrong, I love it here. The peeps I work with are fab and my friends here are awesome.

Shot this whilst having supper in Murni, SS2

Life here has been hustling and bustling. Likewise, the peeps. For everything else, the queues never seemed so long, the traffic is always in gridlocks and the all the highways are but a walk in the park. Despite so, I’m settling down relatively well here.

But some things never change.
And that is – home.

In my lil hidey crib.

Shot on the very night I was packing to leave
Cried buckets of tears.

I don’t mean to go all rhetoric or whatnot but… for those kiddos (youths lah) who are at home now yearning for absolute freedom, think again. Don’t yet immaturity overrule you. You’ll not only miss home but you’ll miss the company and the familiarity back there. And trust me, it sucks despite the fact that you’re livin’ life like an independent free spirit and soul like I am.

And here I am at 4.29am in the cold morning hearing the pitter-patter of raindrops against my neighbour’s awning. Still awake – without mom to nag me for bedtime as always. Someone please nag me to sleep? Ducclebears♥ nagged me to sleep already but ended up falling asleep before me 😛 As we speak, I am thinking of those 1000watt smiles my maid has and her shrill voice. I used to be exasperated by the sound of it, but I wish I could hear her squeal for no good reason again.

Adding to that, I’m blessed to have such good friends. Those chunka funky monkays are my life and what keeps me busy through the days and nights in Penang. Oh but wait.. guess what?

I AM coming home for the weekend!
Pretty corny but, home is where the heart is.

Gahhh. Can’t believe I said that.