Ever wondered why the rainbow is made up of so many colours?

I’m not going to bore you with all the complexed & scientific theoretical facts of a spectrum, do not fret. But beyond that point,

I’ve had my fair share of colours today!

Had the QUITE newly launched GREEN tea latte from Starbucks

Oh and f.y.i, the new dark chocolate mocha is no slight difference from the normal mocha iced blended. So don’t go waste your two cents’ worth on it. okays? =D

Who are the usual Gurney Plaza patrons?
You guys might know this place, or you might not. However, it IS fairly new.

I think it’s really adorable and eye-catching. *grins*

It’s 3 DOTS…!

It’s a newly launched apparel store which has many attractive nighties, peejays, boxers, camisoles and many others storewide! The best part is, you’ll be amazed by the variety of colours they have to offer

Oh well, if I hadn’t had enough of socks like the one –here
3 DOTS… sells many cute & colourful socks all curled up in balls

Look at Daniel, looks like you’re as into socks as I am!

After seeing stars and making difficult decisions (almost as hard as choosing your career.. nyeh-heh-heh) we made our choices and purchased them. It came with a complimentary 3DOTS shopping bag!

I’m lovin it!

Dinner was scrumptious.
But that’s not all, it was also a tad colourful meal! Check it out!

Ahh yes.. all you seafood lovers out there, hail Queen Elizabeth Lobster

Allow me to digress, but I can’t help it. *grins*
See the delicious baked crabs in the far distance?

See? See? =P

Took bestie Rachel to drop by my campus KDU for a while, and yes. The exhibits were quite colourful as well and blue light added some ‘feel’ to the foyer! Complimented the yellow boards mounted on the walls, no?

Got stopped by the RED lights.


The sight of the colourful traffic that goes so well with the neon lightings of Queensbay Mall also intrigued me

Went to chill and catch some rest in my (ohmigoodness I can’t believe i’m saying this) colourful room. Hey, since when did kakak change the bedsheets? I can’t stand it. My bed looks too colourful.

Yes Rach, I know you love our purchases.

And so do I!

Especially my multi-coloured cellphone sock!
(yes, I insist to call it a cellphone SOCK. Yes, I’m actually going thru this phase where I just have an insatiable thing for socks. Forgive me.)
Especially TOE-SOCKS which I enthusiastically shared with you – here

This is just so strange.
My world had always been monochromatic. I’ve always donned black most of the time and been around colour-desaturated things & places. Why did today become so colourful?

But one things for sure, when everything around us changes..


certain things will always remain the same.


in black & white.