Imagine the power that one possesses of contorting ones face into any flubber shape. I never actually realized how ugly-fied Vincent can be. Until that fateful day…. *jengjengjeng*

Sorry I had to censor the conversation. It wasn’t appropriate for general viewing. Anyway, the point is not even the convo, the main attraction is his head/face.

Looks like there’s a new Mojo Jojo in town – Vojo Vovo!!

But somehow, I think Chip & Dale rescue rangers suits him better.

Even the chipmunk is starring in shock at his attempt to join the species

Before I knew it, I noticed that I was talking to a troll

Who suddenly evolved into a dickhead. Hmm, try auditioning for a condom ad.

wow. Such versatile evolutions, Vincent. =)
I’m actually in awe that you behold such impressive skills to transform into any shape/kind you want.

no. In fact, I’m just about to run faaaaar faaaaar away from you because I know you’re so gonna give me a sadistic murder (just like the Black Dahlia murder case) and rip me apart into 7344523543798293845 pieces until no one can even recognize Jessica Tan anymore.

Well, at least I didn’t put it in Facebook.

*runs & hides*