One of my besties turns 19!! Well umm.. not yet though. Almost =) in another few days babe!

Christine Thoo!
*hugss & kisses*

Her pre-birthday celebration was a fun-filled evening/night! There wasn’t any booze though, but hey, it’s different for a change. We had good clean fun!

In the beginning when it’s still bright..
My hottie rocks! Happy early burfday Christine!!

Check out what Christine has in store for you!

So yeah, we engaged in a silly fight of Group A vs. Group B in who’s side of the BBQ pit lights up faster and brighter. Fine! Choki won. =) Happy?? =P

Want some? Food dipped with honey!!

Oh, and a purple potato. Joyce!!! Eat this!!!!

Hugss and smiles babes!

Oh and, there’s a good round of Chor Tai Tee and BlackJack – which I earned RM5. Not forgetting that I owe Gary 30cents! LOL
(LiPeng looks so happy I owe Gary 30cents. heeeheeee)

The other piccies are with Sha and Peng =) *hint hint* Still waiting for them to send em to me!!
Mine are in FaceB. Check it out if ya wanna

I had a great time with all of you! It’s great to be seeing yall once again after so long. And btw Christine, I was just about to say, “I hope you like my present!!” but you’ve already told me you loved it in your comment- here! Yay!
Note to Christine – you can’t see my wwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiide smile but if you wanna I would bluetooth it to you babe. haha!