I seriously need a break. My mind is doggone full of Ribena berries. LOL. How I wish.
I just need some time to space out.
A recess from the rough rides within this mortal breath.

A break from life’s animosity
Before I succumb to adversity
In the process I need a word of cheer
Someone to brush away a falling tear

To immerse myself in the clear water blues
A rejuvenating feel; a new shade of hues
Cascading away into the depths of tomorrow
Would there really be no such thing as sorrow?

Keeping my head above the waves of malevolence
I deem the only barricade to eternal benevolence
For there is no annihilating the rocks in the process
Of achieving what we would constitute as success

I’d romp around in the meadows green
In sunshines so lovely it always seems
I’d peer into the stream; gracing what the eye can see
Further into what more of a person I can entirely be

The mind is churning in progress
Beyond anything there is to regress

The pain that comes a-calling; I’d wish to toss away
For Father to guide me in uncertainty; is all that I can pray
If I could build a treehouse; or a place to call my own
I’d gladly do it; for the times to weep alone.

A smile in the morning, the sweetest gift of love
The tune of canaries , a melody from up above
What the heart whispers is truly unfathomable
A cryptic enigma; one that is undecipherable

© jessT. All Rights Reserved. ™

Hence, my escapade to Ipoh
Where all the
big hugs are and a place to call home.

Adios. Dear readers, I will be leaving Penang tomorrow morning.