It’s such a solemn day in the office today. My journey to work in the morning was also a rather melancholic one with radio stations broadcasting sentimental & sad songs.

For the lack of a better word, the entire atmosphere has been extremely emo and soppy, as if a dark cloud of depression has descended upon us. Unhappy

Not a very pretty way to start my day.

It especially didn’t help when I woke up with swollen eyes this morning from a teary outburst last night due to personal reasons.

Oh well, matters of the heart has never been a walk in the park, has it? Crying

As we all know, today has been declared National Mourning Day as the bodies of the flight MH17 tragedy has returned to our homeland.




Let’s take a moment to stand in strength & solidarity as a nation in mourning. Welcome home MH17. May your souls find peace yet remain close to our hearts forevermore.

Here’s a related post I wrote recently regarding this issue too.

Also, to Malaysia Airlines… stay strong and continue flying high.


With love & condolences, Jessicat