I remember getting my first car when I had just graduated from high school.
Being a driving freshie and total newbie on the road, they decided to get me a tiny 1200 CC cute car (instead of a red sports car which I wanted badly!) lest I recklessly get involved into a road accident or if I carelessly reversed into a tree.
Wow folks. Thanks for putting SO MUCH TRUST in my driving skills. Doubt it!


Actually, I’m glad they didn’t put that much confidence in me on the road at that point… for the amount of times I scratched up my car and met several road accidents could attest to my lack of attention on the road.


Now that I look back… tsk tsk tsk… stupidly young and dangerous, I gotta say.
Sorry mom and dad. Guess parents always know best, huh? Tongue Out


Anyway, fast forward 8 years later, many things have changed for the better.
I have now earned my brand new red sporty car and have matured into an extremely responsible and vigilant driver.


But despite all the years, some things just never change.


From the very first time I ever filled up my petrol tank (I carelessly filled diesel by accident but that’s another stupid story to share for another day) when I was a new 17 year old driver to the very second I am typing this blog entry, I have always, I repeat,  always, chosen SHELL as my preferred petrol brand.


And today, I’m so glad to be speaking about SHELL, which clearly brings nostalgic memories to me!


Being a SHELL user my entire life, I was ecstatic upon learning about a fun contest SHELL Malaysia is currently running. Laughing



In line with Shell’s commitment to promote fuel efficiency and smart mobility, Shell Malaysia is encouraging Malaysian drivers to be more conscious about their spending, so they can save on more than just fuels and can enjoy a better overall lifestyle.


They aim to reward loyal customers with money to do good things (like paying off utility bills or credit card debt). So in order to do this, they are hosting two contests at the moment.
Here’s the first one.


1. Shell Easy Win contest. Big Smile



This is where you spend a minimum of RM30 at SHELL stations nationwide to be eligible to win RM20,000 weekly. I use SHELL FuelSave but if you use Shell V-Power, you’ll automatically double your winnings up to RM40,000. Cool


Participation is so easy! Here’s all you need to do.


1.Spend a minimum of RM30 at Shell.


You see this booth? Good. Now walk towards it. Your entry forms are on the table!


2. Fill in the contest entry form and answer a simple question.


3. Attach your receipt and drop your entry into the contest box at any Shell station.
(That’s my receipt behind my entry form!) *crosses fingers*


And that’s it! Just wait and see if you’re the lucky weekly winner of RM20,000.
(Again, this amount is doubled if you’re a SHELL V-Power user)


Prizes are as follows:

WEEKLY GRAND PRIZE – 1 x RM20,000 (RM40,000 if you pump Shell V-Power)




 So that was the first contest! Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? 

The second contest is gonna be heaps more fun!


2. SHELL Instagram contest Ha Ha


All you have to do is to take a picture and post it on Instagram. 10 winners will win RM50 every week! Yes, I know it’s that simple.

It’s like easy money up for grabs! How generous.


See that yellow poster behind me?


1. Take a photo with that Shell Easy Win polaroid poster.
2. Write your most creative caption and don’t forget the hashtag #ShellEasyWin
3. Post and share it on your Instagram account!


It’s this poster, okay?
If you also see this poster anywhere else in SHELL, you can take a photo with it too.


As long as that dude in the polaroid picture is in your Instagram picture, you’re eligible!


Prize is as follows:


Aight, that’s it from me today. Big Boss
Remember to fill up your gas at SHELL for it doesn’t only save you fuel, but it also rewards you with cash whenever you pump petrol!
So go get more of your fuel and make the smarter petrol choice (like me, muahahhaa) Wink


Thank you Shell, for always taking me places throughout the years…
and for encouraging smarter mobility to all!