Last weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had, especially when I managed to survive the toughest one week I’ve experienced to date.

Yup, if you didn’t know… I’ve just climbed yet another step up the career ladder a week ago when I landed myself a new job.

In a nutshell, my fist week was strenuous, hectic and challenging.

But more of that later in a full blog post!


What’s in my hand? 😀


Needless to say my first week stressed me out by the truckloads as I was still getting used to the procedures, workflow, jargon and fitting in to the demands of the client and delivering what was expected of me.

But when I received a mid-week surprise from Sailor Jerry Malaysia, I knew I was in for a smashin’ weekend ahead – a perfect way to wrap up my busy week!


Oh wow! You shouldn’t have, Sailor Jerry!


 I say… why does it feel so good, so good to be bad?


And that’s not all! Cute old-school tattoo-inspired cookies too were delicious.

Tasted a lot like buttery shortbread!


And we’ve arrived! At 8PM sharp.


Arriving our VIP entrance!


I was immediately smitten by this shiny white vintage Bentley!

Be mine already.


Totally HAD to have a photo with this classic beauty!


Jessicat X Sailor Jerry Malaysia


Outfit of the day //Styleshot// Jessicat wears:

Rainbow tank by Forever 21 / Slashed denim by H&M / Pink sneakers by Nike

Union Jack bag & dreamcatcher neckpiece from a fashion bazaar / Cap by Sailor Jerry


Are we ready to enter? Heck yeaaaaaah!


The moment we entered, we were whisked off into the Sailor Jerry zone…

where the REAL PARTY starts!


Reiko and I upon entering!


Take two!



Sailor Jerry Spiced is a Carribean Rum blended with 100% natural spices and flavours.

Why do you reckon this booth is so inspired by tattoos? It’s because Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins is an American tattoo legend himself! Sailor Jerry Spiced embodies the independent spirit and unapologetic attitude of the rum’s namesake who was noted for saying ‘My work speaks for itself’. 

I can’t say how much I fancied the Sailor Jerry zone! 

Seeing huge superbikes, tattoos, Instagram booths and exquisite rum flowing all night long.. It was so me!


Biker chick on the loose!


They even had a mobile tattoo parlour (airbrushed tattoos of course)


Totally looks like a real tattoo booth, doesn’t it?


Can’t help but to say how real they looked!

I didn’t get any for myself because the queue was so long and besides…



I prefer the real thing. Ahem ahem. Here are some of my tattoos, if you’re interested.


Sippin’ our Sailor Jerry!


Sailor Jerry is also a huge advocate of authentic and true individuals himself, supporting originality and those who express themselves creatively. And guess what?

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum is now available in Malaysia – only selected outlets though!


Their pop-up store was a great chance to grab Sailor Jerry merchandize as well!


No, the bike ain’t for sale but hey!

I totally should’ve taken it home when no one was looking, eh? 😛


I was eyeing the limited edition Sailor Jerry cups! 

Wanted it so much… and guess what I had to do to be a proud owner of the collection?


Do you smell trouble? I do!

Well.. nothing I can’t handle, though 😉


To win myself the collectibles, I had to take on a challenge.

Not one challenge… but three challenges!


And just like duck to water, I completed the 3 second, 5 second and 10 second challenge.

Just like how I used to back in the day. Nothing like a good treat of quality rum!


Some of the stuff I won! Hey… clearly I didn’t do it for the prize 😛

Just wanted a good excuse to keep my drinking skills in check. Muahahaha!


Drink up and party up, mates! Thanks for the pic, Sam! 🙂


Tonight marks its debut into the Malaysian market via MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014.

Welcome to our beloved country, Sailor Jerry!

Certainly a night I had imagined it to be. Didn’t disappoint at all, but exceeded my expectations instead.

The stage lighting was really impressive and in sync with all the performances that night.

Mobile phone cameras simply won’t do it justice though! 🙁


BuddyAnis and I amongst the crowd!


Yup! Definitely blew our minds. Watching it live was indescribable!


Our very own Malaysian songbird Yuna, stole the limelight!

Well… to me at least. I loved her show! Such a splendid performance, indeed.


We both enjoyed ourselves at Yuna’s performance.

She really serenaded us, and I knew all the lyrics by heart too! Yes, I am a fan. LOL


Laser beams! Who would’ve thought, eh?

I miss raving! 🙁


Took a sip back at the Sailor Jerry zone as their free-flow was equivalent to a burst pipe!

A very irresistible burst pipe, if I may add. 😛


After 11pm, the party wasn’t over yet. Who stops partying at 11pm, especially on a Friday?

We adjourned to SOJU Sunway for the after-party!


At the entrance, we were greeted to these babies….


Grants Scotch Whiskey, Reyka Vodka, Sailor Jerry Spiced & Hendrick’s Gin.

Spoilt for choice, we decided to drink them all!

My favorite remains the Spiced Carribean Rum, of course 😉


I was shocked to see how the MTV World Stage After-Party was packed to the brim already!


Not bad, party peeps! Keep the night jumpin’!


My girls and I partied till almost 3AM! We danced all night through.


Haven’t seen Kahmon in ages! Party it up, hun!


Partying it up till the morning light!


So glad to bring buddy Anis as my plus one for the night!

We totally needed to rock out together, didn’t we?


The DJ lashed out lots of EDM dance floor destroyers as well as a good blend of mainstream pop and RnB.

If you think the concert was great, the after-party was tenfold of that!


Definitely a night well spent.

Thank you, Sailor Jerry! Feeling recharged now and ready to take on my hectic week!




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