Go ahead, let your phone slip right out of your hand carelessly or let it fall off your lap absent-mindedly. Drop your phone on the ground or lose your grip accidentally before watching it fall prey to gravity.

I worry not about your phone… for I worry more about the concrete floor instead! WHY?


Allow me to introduce my stylish new iPhone case from OtterBox’s Symmetry Series in Dreamy Pink. Say hi! She’s pretty, isn’t she? Kiss


OtterBox, the #1 Most trusted smartphone case protection in the US and Canada, has recently created one of the slimmest and most protective smartphone case in its class.

If you haven’t heard of OtterBox, you must be living under a rock… far, far away from the tech world, for Otterbox is a global leader and award-winner in protection for smartphones, gadgets and mobile devices since the year 1998!



Needless to say, I was truly delighted when I received a surprise parcel addressed to me from OtterBox themselves! Laughing

Check it out:


Opened the parcel to find the latest Symmetry Series in Dreamy Pink,

alongside a beauty-fashion survival kit and a lovely handwritten note. Also check out the time I went to Celcom’s launch of the iPhone 5 here.


OtterBox’s picks in their fashion survival kit:

Travel-sized Sephora beauty/cosmetic/vanity goodies to keep me looking good at all times!


What has a beauty-fashion survival kit got to do with a smartphone case protection, you ask? Because style matters! Wink

Compared to its other hardcore predecessors, such as the Armor Series, Defender Series and Commuter Series, the Symmetry Series takes style and fashion seriously.


 [youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQH2fZCMzrY” width=”700″ height=”400″ full=”no” ]


If style & personality didn’t matter, you could just wrap your phone in a plastic shell and call it a day, right? I know that I simply cannot. Admittedly, I am one who loves everything to be aesthetically pleasing on top of its practicality. Tongue Out

My gadgets, tools of trade, apparel, footwear, accessories or heck, even the furniture & walls around me has to look pretty. (Geez  I can’t wait to own my first house. It’s gonna look like the best of an IKEA showroom – I swear)


Yes, I do go out colour coordinated. Last Wednesday’s theme was white.


I actually love how versatile my dreamy pink Symmetry iPhone case is.

It is simple, pretty, mildly funky yet has this touch of femininity – something I would definitely take to every business meeting, every party, every dinner date, every music festival and every outdoor activity! Cool

Here’s some pictures of me going out with it:


Another day in the office – jives effortlessly on casual Fridays!

Contrasted well with my vibrant outfit on regular outings and spontaneous meetings

Hello from the fitting room!

Matches well with my eccentric wear on outings and rave parties!


And yet goes seamlessly well with my corporate attire for business meetings!


My iPhone and iPad tag-team also dresses up in matching pastel pink shades!


Now you see how style matters to me so much? Big Smile

OtterBox must’ve granted my wishes in my sleep. The new Symmetry Series lets us choose from a wide array of colours and graphics, so we can protect our precious smartphones yet strut our style and stand out from the rest at the same time.

Look at some of the designs they have!





Having a dull boring colour on hardcore gadget protection is so yesterday – unless you’re a person who likes monotonous &  monochromatic colours, then I guess that’s fine by you. Shocked

But for the ones sitting on the opposing spectrum of design, you can continue to revel in delight. Symmetry does come in a full range of both bright & breezy colours (RM169) as well as the solid single-coloured ones (RM149). Laughing



I know all you’re seeing is about the iPhone. It’s also available for the iPhone 6 now too! Talk about being quick, eh? Tongue Out

But fret not. For those of you non-Apple iWorshippers, the Symmetry Series is also available for the Samsung Galaxy S4/S4 and the HTC One M8.



Moving on…


I haven’t even come to the BEST PART of the Symmetry Series yet. Ha Ha

Aside from it’s pretty sight, it is specially made to protect your phone from heart-stopping drops, without doing any damage to you or your phone’s pristine state.

So yes, go ahead and drop it in style; tough smartphone protection just got prettier.



I’m sure nothing makes us happier than getting protection from a brand we can trust. And I mean this in more ways than one… 😛 *coughs*

Featuring a streamlined design that delivers tough protection from drops and shock, this stylish OtterBox case gives you something no one else can — confidence knowing your device is well protected by a shockproof, drop-proof and scratchproof (pretty!) armour.


My iPhone all pretty & protected every single day at all times!


Its internal synthetic ruber means its ready for the hardest of bumps and the specially designed, raised beveled edge keeps your touchscreen safe from harm too. Say goodbye to unsightly scratches on your screen.

Mine was badly slashed up before OtterBox saved my (phone’s) life! I Surrender!


[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0BJQWSh-i4″ width=”700″ height=”400″ full=”no” ]


As illustrated in the video above, its dual material construction absorbs shock and withstands drops with ease. Watch it; it will give you a better understanding of how the shockproof feature works in your favour.

The style you want, the protection you need… is now all yours. Go get it and thank me later!


So hardcore that I have no worries bringing it to the gym!

Let my barbells drop on it for all I care. Whooops. Sorry. Are you hurt? I guess not. 😛


I have to honestly acknowledge that Symmetry is a God sent gift by OtterBox!

For a person that is rather lackadaisical with the protection of my belongings, most of my gadgets are often scratched and dented due to my nonchalance. Undecided

I also tend to multitask by taking pictures & selfies, texting and catching up with my social media feeds all while walking and running my errands. Frown


You can see how my iPhone is always snug in the palm of my hands – never leaving my sight. I don’t put it in my handbag nor my pockets ever. Therefore, I tend to drop it a lot 🙁

Speaking of dropping phones, watch this funny and cute ad for the Symmetry Series!


[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zgxKH36VMQ” width=”700″ height=”400″ full=”no” ]

 HAHHAAHAH. Yup, doesn’t hurt at all!


OtterBox Symmetry in dreamy pink amongst my notes and work scribbles


OtterBox even has a built-in powerbank case called the Resurgence Series. Surprised

Imagine a heavy user like me trying to efficiently use my iPhone without draining its battery before midday – don’t even get me started.



Hey, I work in social media 24/7, what do you expect? Hit with Brick

I will be sharing all about my new Resurgence iPhone case with you soon! Definitely another God-sent gift to Generation Y.


Thank you OtterBox, for Symmetry – a revolutionary invention!

Now that’s what I call beauty with a purpose.



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