Chanel has always been known to be a timeless and classic icon of beauty, style and of course, luxury at its finest.

Needless to say, Coco Chanel has established an empire (or should I say, cult?) for herself with a strong  following of fashionistas aka ‘slaves’. And admittedly, I am one of them.


Introducing the Chanel Les 4 Ombre Eyeshadow from its Spring 2014 cosmetic collection.

Many thanks to Clozette Malaysia for hooking me up!




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Arguably every urban city girl’s (material, I must add) dream – Chanel.


Speaking of which, I recently got myself my very first Chanel handbag. Laughing It made me happy; worked hard for it! Actually, I do *somewhat* feel a pinch of regret, as that money I worked hard for could very well be used for something more feasible. Frown

Because, to be entirely honest, many non-material things make me happy. But then again…

As bad and guilty I feel about, I remind myself… look – it’s a Chanel – and mine is vintage. Put these two words together and that’s enough of a justification or an answer you need; which marks the end of discussion. 

Mom, I hope you’re not reading this… heh. heh. If you are then – *gulp* I won’t hear the end of it! Yell


MOVING ON…. Big Smile


 So what’s this new collection about?


CHANEL writes a new chapter in the story of its cult palette Les 4 Ombres originally created in 1982. It’s new formula guarantees an even more creative make up result in a new collection inspired by tweed, the iconic fabric of the House.

Based on a selection of House tweeds, the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio composes eight unprecedented LES 4 OMBRES harmonies. Smile Here they are!


Any favorites? I can spot mine from a mile away!


The four shadows are like the coloured threads of the fabric weave.

They match perfectly and each one redefines a new variation on the theme of elegance! 😀


Like the tweed jacket, which can be worn in so many different ways,

the LES 4 OMBRES palette is the most adaptable fashion accessory.


This is where colours, contrasts and effects come together in endless combinations for an infinite variety of looks based on a unique style.
An essence of chic elegance and pleasure for women who like to have as much fun with makeup as they do with fashion – much like I do! Cool I believe a majority of you are too. (Of course if you’re a dude and you’re reading this then it wouldn’t exactly apply to you…)


 What’s so special about this range, you ask?

The new formula of LES 4 OMBRES is a new, soft and long-lasting texture facilitates application, offers new colour effects and expresses all the intensity of the shades, whilst capturing the subtlety of the nuances and playing with textures.

In short, it just makes you runway ready – at all times! Laughing


Exceptionally concentrated with pure pigments, its soft, fine and

silky texture glides over the eyelid like a caress.


This comfortable shadow easily dresses eyes in lasting, luminous and even-toned colours that adapt and blend together to perfection. Applying it was a breeze and goodness me, blending it with one another complemented each shadow and highlight so well!Surprised

FYI, their radiance and translucency are heightened by the complete absence of talc.

Within a single palette, a harmony of colours comes in diverse effects with an intense, even, luminous and long-lasting finish. And believe me when I say long-lasting.

I’m usually out for hours at social functions and events and when I come home, the makeup stays on like its ready for another round of rockin’! Cool (Please, can we go home already?)



Amongst the harmonies, LES 4 OMBRES guarantees that every woman will find the one that will enhance her eyes. I would know, because I definitely found mine.

4 eyeshadows, 4 shades, 4 precise functions for a combination of unique colours and countless makeup results.


Unboxing the palette of my choice – Tisse Gabrielle 208



How it looks on human skin.


Love how this is a palette that spells revisited classics for an unmatched smoky effect!It may look the same from afar but if you take individual swatches of it like I’ve pictured it above, the four shades are a brilliant combination of delicate grey, iridescent white gold, velvet black grey and lastly, greyish mauve.

So glad I chose this palette because as I mentioned before in my previous makeup/beauty blog articles, I prefer darker/smokier and edgier colours instead of plain pastel light colours. Electric Shock


Love how it looks on my eyelids!


 The intense shadows reveal all the depth of dark shades. The satiny ones make a statement while remaining sheer and the iridescent or metallic colours sparkle with elegance.

Each harmony is composed of two contrasting shades to blend in a gradation or apply in contrast: one dark shade to intensify, sculpt and add depth, and one light shade to illuminate and give the eyes a wide-open effect. 


 See how shimmery yet bold and rich these colours are? Each function has its own place on the contours of your eye for different looks.


I had this eyeshadow on for at least 8 hours and it didn’t end up smudging everywhere or dusting off loosely like some of the other brands I’ve used before!


Here’s another look at it, in its full glory of a classy, compact palette case and packaging.

 Available in all Chanel cosmetic stores and selected retail outlets for RM200++

(will get the exact price for you soonest!)


Thank you Chanel Malaysia and Clozette Malaysia for this classy and fabulous opportunity.


For in the words of the late Coco Chanel…