Okie since today is the 14th day of Chinese New Year (we have altogether 15 days!), I reckon it's still somewhat relevant to share some more piccies of my CNY celebrations with thefockers and some homies whom I caught up with before my departure to Melbourne.


Happy Year of the Rabbit 2011 again to the fellow celebrators of CNY!


I hope you fellow Chinese folks enjoy tomorrow, which is 'Chap Goh Meh'  (15th and final day of the Lunar New Year). Legend has it that if young, unmarried ladies throw tangerines into the sea, their future spouse will be the one who pick it up. LOL

Perfect excuse to throw 'em oranges at people ey πŸ˜› Whooops!

Taken with a plushie of 'Choy Sun Ye' (God of Prosperity)


Unbelievable as it may sound, one of the many  things I miss about Malaysia is our constant (but absurdly hot) sunny weather. We can head out from home wearing anything we want without a care in the world.

But ever since I've been here for the past 5 days, it's been freezing cold for half a day, freakishly hot for the next few hours with torrid sunlight and cool for the rest of the day.

Now I've no choice but to bring at least a jacket or cardigan – if not my coat – out with me


Yup, the weather here IS indeed as unpredictable as they say and as weird as it may sound, the question, "How's the weather today?" is actually something substantial to talk about.

Unlike back home in Malaysia, it is practically a joke if someone actually asks you that -__-"

I miss putting on my sunnies throughout the whole day and wearing a sundress out in Malaysia


Thankfully, I bought a long coat here to keep me warm already. It's made of cashmere & wool and I actually look very different in it! I like it very much as I somehow imagine myself as a Gossip Girl character trudging down the streets of Manhattan in the cold when I put it on πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

Okay, time to burst my bubble of fiction. Will show you piccies of it soon, ye?


P/S : shopping is lovely here!!!!


So yes, apart from missing the insanely tropical weather in Malaysia, I miss the food too.

No way in hell imma spend AUD $18.90 (RM57.60) on a plate of Wan Tan Mee, Nasi Lemak or Char Koay Teow! The prices of food is so hefty that I had to bleed from my nose paying for it ;(

aaahhh. Malaysian Chinese food. Never thought I'd miss them all

Some of the Chinese New Year food I ate early this month!



Louuuuuuu Saaaaang!!

Steamed white pomphret fish and demonic-looking roasted piglet below

"U will have no sweet dreams if you eat me"

Which is why I usually cook my own simple meals now, microwave certain food, drink soup or eat a sandwich instead, healthier and more affordable! (here's to hoping it helps in my diet har har har πŸ˜› :P)

So when in Ozzieland, I totally subscribe to my new-found principle:

"Eat like a pauper, shop like a Queen & party lika rockstaaar!"


But I love the fact that I'm brisk-walking more than usual now.

The nearest tram stop is about 8 minutes away from my doorstep and the closest railway which is the Hartwell train station, is 15 minutes away. Gone are the days where I can just hop into my car and speed off to where ever I intended to go, back in Malaysia.

Everything is different now.

But that's what adapting is all about.


Here are some more of the things I miss back in Malaysia, it is impossible to name all!

I miss…. my family

 whooops I think I just slayed my mom with fire


cousin Maddy πŸ˜€


camwhoring at the table with mom in the background

Mom joins! πŸ™‚


Some of thefockers πŸ™‚

More of thefockers

Even more of thefockers!

Happy birthday granny!!

 70 years old tomorrow πŸ™‚ and she's having fun in Genting Highlands as we speak! $$$$

I miss…. home

In one of the busy but small town of Penang island… is where I call home!


I miss… my friends

Some of the homies!


On the way to Belissa Row to meet the rest of them


I miss… my dogs

Penny the silky terrier and Rocky the labrador-retriever


*tickles Penny*


Although I'm living with Ruffey, a Japanese Chin and occasionally Kiko, the pug mix (pics of them soon!) now, nothing compares to Penny and Rocky whom I've come home to for many years.

Everything's still abuzz… likened to a bright colourful whirlwind of excitement.

What can I say? It has only been 5 days.


I guess the dust hasn't settled yet when I'm out and about; bounding the city and the suburbs all the time.

And when it does, it's time to go home. 5 months will go by in a blink… I'm certain