Hiya! 😀

As you know, I'm in Ozzieland now and I do tend to get lazy lugging my Nikon DSLR around! Imagine walking around so tired, sweaty and having an extra weight on your shoulders 🙁 I’ve been scouting around for something compact instead! Everyone needs some form of a back up 😉

Remember my tweet  a fortnight ago being all excited about a supercool gadget by Nikon?

Yup, so I've been toting around the new Nikon S1100pj for a month now and I must say, it is one swell piece of technology!


First of its kind. You bet! 😀


A projection thing-a-ma-jiggy all in the palm of your hand. I shall show you how awesome it is in a while.

But first! Lemme review some of the photo specs and features.


Here are some of the piccies I've taken with my new baby 😉 Ready?


Arguably the easiest mode in this camera, the Easy Auto Mode changes to the best adjustments to suit all types of settings. Perfect for camera newbies and/or lazy photographers 😛 Take a look!

I like how it's so bright and cheery


Test-shot with some of my gurls during lunch at Fika Swedish Restaurant & Cafe


This one's taken with flash mode on with my gurls YingZi & June


And this one is shot without the flash

I love how it brings out the best of natural lighting!


Despite taken in dark areas, the shadows casted by it all fall in the right places for a nice silhouette 🙂


Another feature I've put to test is the Smart Portrait Mode

This one detects faces, smiles or expressions pretty well


Smile as widely as you can! This smart baby of mine can recognize our Cheshire Cat grins LOL


But it can sometimes get rebellious/emo and decide not to detect my smile.

A rebel. Like owner like camera.


But the photo turned out pretty well! 😀

*grins widely*


Venessa and June had fun with the face detection mode too 😀


The next feature that I tried was Scene.

It boasts 17 different Scene selections to cater specifically to each different setting we want to take photos in

Just tap on the SCENE selection and take your pick


From left to right (in order)

Portrait | Landscape | Sports | Night Portrait |Party/Indoor

Beach | Snow | Sunset | Dusk/Dawn | Night Landscape

Close-Up | Food | Museum | Firework Show | Copy

Backlighting | Panorama Assist



I've put some of the Scene Selections to test!


These are my faves taken with the (food) mode I've played around with :

Delicious Mushroom Bruschetta from Dish Deli Cafe in Mont Kiara


Creamy Pumpkin Soup!


The very rubbery, icky and dry Chicken Thigh from that restaurant as well


Beef Steak medium done in Fika, Singapore


Swedish Meatballs also from Fika!


Salmon Mentai from Oh! Sushi in De Garden, Ipoh


Unagi Roll also from my sushi dinner


Lovely. I like how it macros up the food yet maintain its natural atmosphere of wherever food outlet you're in

Takes food photography to such an easier level for those budding photographers!


After dinner, I decided to take some pics of the interior of Dish Deli cafe.

All taken with the (party/indoor) mode.


Love the vibrancy!


Kelly and I at dinner. The colours are all pink and cheery!


With this mode, the flash doesn't completely bring the photo into a white-out overexposed shot

It's really nice how it captures how it exactly looks like in real life.

After dinner, we headed out for a walk. Another scene I've used was the (portrait) selection.

Makes portraiture so fun! 😀


Kelly and I couldn't stop taking picture-perfect portraits of ourselves up on the rooftop


Playing around with this new Nikon s1100pj made me wanna explore further.

I soon ventured out with Kelly to the other side of the upper levels of Solaris Mont Kiara to take in the scenic night atmosphere. Ideally, I used the (Night Landscape) mode to take this photo below.

It surely complemented the colored spotlights 🙂


We then decided to go for drinks and chillax our Thursday night away.


Here's when I chose a different scene selection, the (night portrait) mode. It's something like the (portrait) mode but gives a different effect. The former brings out all the source of lights within the frame and the latter focuses more on the main subject itself.


Love the exposure and the entire perfect picture.

I think by far, this is my fave selection at night! Perfect for club and laser lighting too




Night portrait scene selection FTW!


With such decent pictures it can take, I was also impressed with the video mode too.

It shoots footages all in High Definition and just by one press of a button. Unlike other cameras, there's no need to go through the hassle of searching into the menu to pick out the video mode.


This works like a real video camera. One red button to start recording!

Here's just one still scene of my house foyer.

Last day of Chinese New Year already! 😀




Now here's the best part of this new Nikon s1100pj. The extra kick why photo enthusiasts want it and flaunt it!


Uber cool ey? That's theboyfie Josh and I. But how did we get on the table?



Watch this awesome video advertisement to find out



Pretty nifty ey? One heck of a technology packed into a compact camera



So, best part is pretty obvious by now. It's the built-in projection feature.

Great for presentations or visuals! Also, I just hate to pass around my camera to random people whenever a group photograph is taken, for you'll never know whether it'll be returned rightfully to you.

That's actually how I lost my previous camera. 🙁 🙁 During my convocation, it never came back to me!


With this kick-ass feature, I bet you won't suffer the same fate as me.

Here's how you can show everyone the picture SAFELY in your own hands.

It may be small now, but it can be enlarged clearer to the size of an A4 paper


Oh and just so you know, I loved that video ad I embedded above. It's so expressive!

So, I've put together my own version of the video montage too, just for the fun of it! Imma video editing newbie at the moment so pardon the not-as-impressive-as-the-official-Nikon-video-advertisement-skills of mine. 😀





So, what dya think? I think it's a pretty good buy.

It's been almost a month with my new baby now and I'm having fun thus far! Still getting used to all the attention it rakes in by its awesome pictures and projection power.


Just the other night whilst back in Penang I showed some of the piccies I took in KL to my homies (there were 7 of us at the table) just by projecting the slideshow on the ceiling of the cafe! That way, everyone can see it at the same time.

Standing ovation please?

The s1100pj is yet another fine piece of Nikonian tech to salute to!