Comfort or discomfort?
Soft or hard? (not in THAT case, you perverts)


Well, in today’s society, inventors all around the world are trying to create new furniture to gratify the human comfort – thus putting ergonomics into priority. But alas, a certain member of my family had opted otherwise.
She chose (something which I kept calling) a ‘cold-hard-stiff-uncomfortable-oriental-wooden-bench’ to replace her old-yet-comfortable couch!!
Reason being is that she despises sweat stains on the couch and wants an “easy cleaning process” of the furniture. She also said it was “for a change”.




I kept protesting. No way am I going to relax in a living room that does not, in any way, provide comfort! Does this mean that there will be NO MORE cosiness in a snug living room? *sigh*

Is this the end of comfort? No more family huddling get-together time?

I forsee on our next visit, everyone will be sitting like this:

Why choose to have such discomfort in a stiff position????

I made every member of the family sign the petition, to support my revolution against the wooden bench. Indeed I was driven; driven to convince my godmum not to replace the current couch set with that beastly new set!
Posters were put up too!!!


Whatever. You do the Math


The higher the chances are of the ridiculous oriental-wooden bench decided on,
The higher the chances of Jess not being seen in the living room.. AT ALL.