Woot woot!

The homies came down to KL to visit me 😀 


After spending a night at my crib and indulging in yummy IKEA Swedish meatballs, we set off early this morning up up up the hills of Genting Highlands. The city of Entertainment awaits us!



Had lotsa fun the entire day chillaxing in the chilly weather of 20 degrees celcius with yummylicious freshly made food and cuppa coffees to keep us warm. Most people around were basically talking with mist coming outta their mouths!



All ready to hit the rollercoasters!

(taken when it was still fairly warm)




We sat on many insane daredevil rides at the Outdoor Themepark and had a ball of fun, albeit the insane queue too. 🙂 I took lotsa videos this time round! But that's another story soon, okie? It's time to hit the sack!



Also, we just came back to our hotel room after a 4 hour spin at the casino and late night suppers a moment ago.

It. is. still. freezing. I. SO. need. to. hibernate. Like a polar bear in winter. Night night loves!