Thanks to Sony Pictures Malaysia, I was invited to catch the premier screening of 'The Vow'

Upon reading the title, we had expected it to be yet another sappy love story but we were wrong.



I brought my partner-in-crime Pamela along with me to the movie premier 🙂

We watched the show in full anticipation, following how sweet and adorable this husband-and-wife duo can be.


Lovebirds who met while she was stll in Law School


Got married in an Art Museum (as she left her family to pursue her passion in sculpting)


Until a mishap came along – they met a road accident and she was flung forward, crashing into the windscreen.

A major, major part of her memory is then missing.


She tries to make a timeline of her life using photographs but

simply cannot recall anything that happened after Law School


The story then revolves around her husband's determination in winning back his wife's heart.

Trials and tribulations (and so much drama!) ensuesNow nothing but a stranger, he strives to make all attempts to have her fall back in love with him. Even bringing her back to where they had their 1st date!



"It will be like reading your favorite book all over again"


Hat's off to this guy's sheer determination! 

Here's a review from us :


'The Vow', would make you naturally acknowledge a serious love story coming your way. That was certainly the case with a married couple starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. But despite the sweet and sentimental, almost perfect love story, a tragedy was in store for them – a plot twist, as movie buffs would call it. 

When the couple got involved in a nasty car wreck, it caused Paige (McAdams) to suffer a brain injury; leading to memory loss. She wakes up not remembering the recent years of her life, but as the girl she used to be when she was much younger –  still a Law Student, still someone else's fiance, not a vegetarian (yet!), falling into old habits and a daughter with astounding filial obedience to her upper-class family. 

We found this movie vastly appealing as its very essence & sincerity is inspired by a true story – yup, not your run-off-the-mill, contrived Hollywood fairytale. 'The Vow' scratches the surface of some very interesting questions surrounding marriage, identity and change in reality: How would you cope if your partner had no memory of your lives together? Is that old adage ‘better to have loved and lost than never loved at all’ really true?

The movie left us with such rhetorical questions and wanting more out of life : to care more, to appreciate the little things around us more and of course, to love more.



So.. the question remains. What if you wake up no longer remembering who or what you are?

Lucky for me, I've got this blog to remind me of everything that used to be in the past 7 years of my life 



All in all, we'd say this is a good movie for you to watch and be inspired by – such tremendous power of love condensed in 104 minutes.

Be sure to check this movie off your list of touching, romantic comedies for this month!


While you're at it, drag your boyfriends along 😛