My iTouch has been constantly running outta juice all the time, so much so that I have to now charge it several times a day. What gives?

No it's not the battery/hardware problem.


It's this new phenomenon spreading all over social media and smartphone users for the past few weeks!




It's the most popular game on the Apple Appstore now! So easy, fun and interactive too.


The game is basically depicted by the name : you DRAW SOMETHING, and your opponent guesses what it is

It's so addictive I find myself playing it even in the gym -__-"


Anyway, here are a few of my drawings for your entertainment purposes.

I'm no Picasso but here goes!


I know my snowman has an oversized carrot nose

that it makes it look like a duck


My axe!


Didn't exactly know how else to depict a lemon


My sad tiger


My dissatisfied lion


Well, at least the above lion is better than the one I drew last week :



I swear I didn't know what I was thinking when I drew this.

It looks like a cross between a sunflower and a rape victim. Sorry Pam!


Self-portrait or… portrait of my son, Chivas!


A failed version of Homer Simpson 🙁



Didn't know how to draw a tattoo without having it look like just a drawing

so I drew a muscular badass with an arm tattoo


And yesterday, she drew this for me :


She drew ME, from the back! How smart 😛


I think I made it up to her by drawing this 😀



My version of The Incredible Hulk -__-"


My reindeer!


My rather traumatized Elmo :O


My little derpy bear


My kangaroo!


tick tock tick tock BOOOOOOM!



Nice?? 😀


Yay hotdog!


My key!



Think I did a pretty good job here 😛


Same goes for this! 😛


Drew this in the gym while doing ab workouts!


Okay this is absolute garbage


LOL I was told this looked like a black man running away from something -__-"


You probably wanna see (and perhaps mock) the drawings I did when I was drunk one night at a rave party. Last Saturday night after MegaSound feat. Bass Agents & DJ Viona, I drew this –


Holy hell. Kill it before it lays eggs, please!


Compare the above mermaid to the mermaid I drew yesterday :



Theboyfie told me that it looked like it was howling at the sun -__-"




Pool time!



Haha! What do ya think? 

Not badly drawn in a state of intoxication, hey? 😛 😛


Also, here are my two favorites – of which I gladly drew!


Hellyeah Skrillex!! 


My fave music genre


I guess it's a pretty Generation Y way of improving your imagination and creativity skills – using only your finger.

I sucked so bad at the first few games I played that you probably can't tell my drawing apart from a mess of black squiggles.


Take this for example :


I literally face-palmed upon seeing this preposterous doodle 🙁 🙁


Hey! In my defense, I've been improving a whole lot!

Refer to first few drawings 😀


Wanna play DRAW SOMETHING with me?

Look me up – TheJessicat

…. and let the games begin!


Not on DRAW SOMETHING yet? Well.. GET ON IT! 😛



A lot to learn, you have.


After all the hype on Draw Something that I'm sharing, I just wanted to also share that my iTouch is no longer with me anymore.

Last place it sat : on my lap in the mamak. Don't wanna talk about it 🙁 Le sigh.