Yay! So I took a break last weekend : made a roadtrip down to Penang for the Freedom 360 party.

They were such awesome hosts! I truly enjoyed my weekend; more of that later!


For now, let's get on to the party!


Yes, I advocate freedom.. for life! 


So after a dinner and drinks in Gurney, my childhood friend Edwin was supposed to drop me off for the Freedom event but I somehow brainwashed him into coming along to join my friends and I at the party!


En route to Penang's most popular clubbing district – Upper Penang Road!


Saw this huge balloon sign – YAY! We were approaching! 


We arrived just before 9PM and it was waaayyy to early for anyone to start partying.

But good thing we did, considering the amount of people that's gonna be here, parking would be a pain!

the early bird gets to take pretty pictures with pretty background!

I love this piccie! It glitzy and glamourous… and sparkly. Squeeeee 


Met up with Angel, who gave me warm, welcoming hugs! 

And ooh look! We 're both dressed according to the Freedom colour theme : BLUE 


Took a piccie of Ed at the Registration Table!


Bumped into some more friends there. 

And before we knew it, t'was time to take agazillion shots by the Freedom photowall

I love how they have so many cute props to choose from! Added fun like this always catches my attention 


With the bestie, Joyce.

Take #1


Take #2


She was my +1 for the night. Glad she could come; my best friend for 4 years and counting! 

Spotted a friggin' awesome digital photowall that kept changing everytime I tried to take a picture.




Let's see if I managed to catch the ever-changing LCD screen with me in it.



Sorry, was too amused and excited by it 😛

Okay, okay, more piccies on the photowall with the other buddies!


With Ed!


With Andy!


And finally, with Mike who assaults me T___T


After lotsa laughter and photo-taking outside, we finally entered the club. 

Rebranded to Fame, this club bears memories of my angsty teenage years; which saw my first few years of partying. It was then known as Glow. Where are you peeps off to this weekend? Glow. What about you? Glow. It was always Glow back in the day.


We were *still* too early! 


The spacious dance floor with the DJ prepping it up!


While waiting for our friends, Mikey and I sitting on the huge bass speakers – because we can


Bestie Joyce and I with a couple of the Freedom mascots 


Before we knew it, the party escalated to full swing!

The crowd came in by tenfolds, drinks were flowing like there was no tomorrow and the DJ was already pumping it up hard! Now, that's what I'm talking about  


Bestie and I – bottoms up, babe!


And then my camera somehow landed in Mikes possession and…

well… THIS PHOTO happened. Nevermind….. 😛


Anyway, where were we?

Right, dancing away, emptying our drinks by the bottles and camwhoring!


Don't stop! Keep it moving, put your drinks up! 


There's a reason why Penangites rock. And we pretty damn sure know we do 😛


Lainey came soon after! 😀 Yippeeee she came in blue too 

 I just love people who *actually* follow themes set by a party. Now, that's the spirit!



Accidentally taken without flash – but I love the silhouette of the photo!


Okay! Picture perfecto 


The DJs were spinning up a storm!

Hailing all the way from Denmark, DJ Kid Fresh was terrific! Our homeboy DJ Def did a really good job too


Together, their remixes of R&B and Trance/House made the night one to remember.


"Dance the night away, grab somebody, drink a little more" – Jennifer Lopez

Oh, we will 


We'd be partying like rockstars till the morning light

Super random photo of me. But I likey! 

I was dancing halfway while Edwin pointed his iPhone at me.


With Huai Bin and Lainey 🙂

Ohh geez, my face is slightly turning crimson already? Nnnooo.


One for the road!


I had an fantastic time at Freedom 😀

Thanks for making my weekend in Penang one helluva amazing one, as usual.