*loud sigh*



Total annihilation has struck my desk



I've probably never shared this, and I probably never will.

But since I'm already on the brink of depression, I figured that my thoughts should spill.

Where is that girl that her classmates once knew?

That top scorer with High Distinctions and results to kill?

What is lacking in her textual arguments and its merit?

For that of a work only brought back a miserable Credit

College academics and the ropes of University

Is a world of a difference – bringing her to adversity

With every essay and each forthcoming examination

She now dreads and  regards it as a total abomination

"University life is not much tougher than College", as they all say

So why can't she earn those grades she used to attain in this very way?

Assignments were returned and now sits on her table

She could never fathom the atrocity, could this be possible?

My desk is a war-stricken continent of notes and papers



And i thought University was supposed to be fun. The best times of your life perhaps?


Though I'm thankful for having ma gurls <3


Shot during International Studies lecture



Yes. Although it's my first semester in Monash University – straight into a 2nd year student – and most of you would probably say I'm not accustomed to to what is expected of its students yet nor its standards of requirements, this doesn't give me the excuse to perform so dreadfully.

Dreadful – in Sue Ann's and my opinion, would be less than a Distinction.



Don't psychoanalyze us. It's just very difficult for us to stomach the fact that our once-profoundly impressive results in college and high school, is now less than a Distinction in University – let alone a High Distinction.


How should our thesis be written in order to gain the marks that we need?

That is the question… a depressing one.


πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

On a happier note, yet another article has been published on my fortnightly column in the Malaysian Mirror. This time, it's about Video Games Live which hit the Malaysian scene recently. Do show some love <3 if you may πŸ˜€



It's funny adjusting life back to University,

especially when you've been in the industry for quite a bit.