Ta – daaaaaa! 🙂

It's already clocking into the 4th week here at My Body Secrets!



While I was in the changing room, I could hear a very familiar song.



I love the choice of songs that plays with each and every visit I make here. This time, it's not the usual Jazz or Blues they play… it's a soft harmonious fusion of Malay and English words. Very acoustic and boppy.


It was none other than Zee Avi!

😀 uberlove



And as usual, they took my weight and measurements…. AND I LOST MORE WEIGHT WOO HOO!

I wasn't able to fit in that pair of Harem pants for a long time FYI!

Dug it out from my closet and woo hoo it fits perfectly  😀



Though it may not be a drastic weight drop (I wouldn't want that anyway, how skinny do you want me to be? haha) but more importantly,  I've lost 29CM altogether. Yup, you heard that right 😀



Cheryl and I after measuring me 🙂


Yeahhh friggin' effective right?  Whole body's total Centimetres lost is 29CM.

Which means the arms + thighs + waist + hips + upper body + rear end 😀


And dropped 3KG altogether..


C'mon, you wouldn't expect me to show you the exact figure right?

Gotta respect a gurl's self-consciousness yo 😛



But take my word for it, I wouldn't tell an untruth. Well.. most gurls do if the need arises, likewise for me. But I wouldn't lie about my weight LOSS in this case 😀 Because it really works woo hoo!


So feeling more motivated, I happily continued my sessions and observing a healthy no-carb diet



Let the breaking down of fat begin! I just finished a good 1 hour swim yesterday, hopefully it burns off the calories I put on the night before. Blame the insatiable cravings! Speaking of swimming, lemme tell you a very funny story I encountered in the pool.

If you've been following my Tweets, you would have already known!




Of all days I wanted to swim, there just HAD to be 7 boys swimming there. -__-"

Wah, very #bromance lor. They were frolicking in the pool with each other like nobody's business. Being conscious and shy (as I was wearing a bikini), I had to wait there on the deck chairs pretending to entertain myself for them to get out or dive in when I don't feel so intimidated.

But they were at it for more than 1 hour. -______-"

Haiyahhh! So I just hid at the bushes and jumped in lah what the heck right.



But that wasn't the end of the nightmare.

While swimming in the pool minding my own business, 1 of them bumped right into me  -_________________-"

God knows whether it's on purpose or they were just blind with their goggles.

And the other 6 of them were laughing and giggling among themselves after that. FML



So apart from encouraging a healthy lifestyle, My Body Secrets also complements it with fat-burning treatments. It works hand in hand! 😀


Shot with the Night Portrait of the Scene Selection to achieve this effect!

😀 rapid speed yo



In case you didn't know, slimming is just ONE of the awesome things that My Body Secrets provides. It's a total body wellness center after all. So on top of that, they have facial treatments and body spas. Heck, I can't wait for the Yoga room to be ready! Would be so cool 🙂



This Sunday is Mothers Day! Whatcha gonna do for big momma?

I took her to an Aromatherapy Massage 2 weeks ago..


…and I just found out that My Body Secrets is having a great promo too!

😀 😀 😀  Mommy would love it, you bet!