All photos shot courtesy of my shutter sidekick, the glorious PEN!


Woo hoo! Just came back after a long day!

It was exactly 9 hours of walking and being out & about the entire afternoon + evening + night 😀


Shot with the Dis Mode in the Scene Selection

It amazingly makes blurred movements still 😀



As exhausted as I am, it still doesn't stop me from sharing with you a wee bit before I zonk off to bed in lalaland. So as you can prolly tell by now, I was at Universal Studios the whole day today. It was an amayzeeeennggg experience!


Shot with Pop Art in the Art Filter mode

Look at all the vibrant colours! 😀


It was fun feeling all touristy walking around the makeshift Hollywood, Chinatown, the Pyramids of Egypt, Madagascar, New York, Fairytale land, Jurassic Park, Broadway, Galactica and so much more!

Part of me felt like I've traveled an itsy bitsy around the world 😀


This was taken alongside a huge museum architectural building along the

busy streets of -shall I presume – London, United Kingdom? 🙂

People were all dressed up Ye'Olde English!



It's Kung-Fu Panda babeh! 😀 Met so many other prominent characters too, like the Phantom of the Opera, Alex the Lion and Frankenstein!


Shot with the High Key in the Scene Selection mode

Perfect for those extremely sunny days where strong shadows cast upon your faces. No more! 😀



Our passes were courtesy of Universal Studios SG and it perfectly coincided with the Boyfie and I's monthniversary before our 2nd year 😀 Lucky us. So we took this opportunity to spend our special day together having all the fun and excitement there.


We also checked into Chilis Grill & Bar for our celebratory dinner. Pop Art in the Art Filter,' nuff said 😀

Was full to the brim, thanks love!



Heck, our night ended with a fireworks display too.. aptly called the 'Hollywood Spectacular'.

More to come soon! So much piccies & stories to share with yall from today which I'm sure you'll love! But I've gotta hit the sack now… sigh! Another full day tomorrow! Nights dearies 😀