Ya know why I titled it as the ULTIMATE Zouk Out 2010 post?


Because it encapsulates my entire foray in the ZoukOut rave beach party experience! It's also photo heavy, embedded with 8 videos, packed with info, tips and everything I have to say!

A continuation to this teaser post last month! 🙂


We left from home in the West pretty early, all the way to the South, which was where Sentosa Island sat across from.

We took the bus to Vivo City and the Sentosa Express to cross to the island


If you're planning to get the at-the-door ticket sales, kiasu people actually start lining up at 4pm. So, you know the drill.

Don't wait till the last minute. Tip: Get.your.advanced.tickets.for.the.love.of.gawd.

I was so excited upon getting inside!

Bright lights and booming music surrounded me as early as 9pm


I know it's strange to wear so many layers (I had a bikini, a mesh off-shoulder top and a basketball jersey on) to a friggin' beach party, where less is best. But hey, we traveled by public transport to get here!

It's gonna be SO INAPPROPRIATE if i were to stroll along the streets in the afternoon with nothing but my bikini -__-

We were all given a ZoukOut 2010 landyard and a tag to wear

(which comes with a free map & guide inside!)


It soon got kinda warm running around taking pichas so I took off my jersey.

Met up with George and Alex at the entrance!

We were camwhoring with the ZoukOut 2010 car – resplendent in glossy red


Then this random chick came forward and passed us this signage which we just received and camwhored along with.

Little did we know that it said I Subaru… which I don't.

Saw another photo op! 😀

I like how it's naturally lit, with that peek of sand and just one tiny spotlight


Another photo op Too bad I hadn't bought my Wayfarers yet !


Sunglasses, what else? A life-sized pair of Havaianas flip-flops?

You bet it *could* squish his guts out 😛 😛


Carrying it ala the way I used to do with my schoolbag in Primary school 😀


After all that hype in scouring for cute photo ops. We finally sat down and waited for the rest to arrive.

FYI the mobile transmission for data and cellular signals were notoriously failing us – making it so difficult for anyone to contact anyone! My roaming charges totalled up to RM400++ FML

Invest in some walkie-talkies, if you have the extra bucks 


Sitting down for a bit with George and Alex (taking the picture)

while theboyfie went outside bring YingZi in


While waiting, bumped into the lovely couple I know, Michelle and Nic! ;)


Incomplete party! 4 more were still on their way (late *cough* comers *cough cough*)

And yes, I jumped on the bandwagon and finally took off my mesh top.


Was very shy to remove it but then all the girls (fat and thin) right left front and center were clad in their bikinis too

My point coincidentally illustrated in the above picture 😛


Allow me to digress. I have always been a self-conscious freak about how much I weigh or how fat I look no matter how much weight I've lost or gained. Looks like I am my biggest critic. It all began 2 years ago when I moved to KL and gradually found myself tipping the weighing scale by 10KG.

Yes I gained 10KG in a few months. Back in Penang, I gym every single day and ate very little. But in my 1st year in KL, I didn't sign up for any gym and ate so much everyday so you know what happened. You get the picture.

And now, I'm trying hard to (desperately) shed off that 10KG back to that svelte figure I used to have 🙁 Already 3 months into the healthy diet and training excessively in gym routines everyday. Just to share if you actually wanna know, I've lost 6KG to date. Another 4 more!

So just a disclaimer, I know am still a work in progress. Any comments about this issue will be deleted. 🙁 Wait laaa, give me time till I achieve my goal okay?


Okay self-conscious moment over. Back to ZoukOut!

Found a lopsided door frame to camwhore with!


Beer that costed SGD8 if I'm not mistaken! $$$$$$$


Oh and.. show you my new Facebook profile picture!!

I think we both look nice and cuddly here teeheehee

Brass key and ring chain by Soak Republic


Chilled out for a bit and took in the whole buzzing atmosphere.

Decided to grab a bite first as my last meal was Subway at 5pm! (I have the 4 hour metabolic cycle of eating as part of my diet btw)

What to eat? Kebab? 😀 i've always been amused by how it's made

What if the fella forgot to turn it? Then one side will be raw and the other will be burnt?


Was so happy when I saw my ALL-TIME FAVORITE, OLD CHANG KEE!


Their Chicken curry puff is absolute win I tell you. Don't walk past the shop without popping one in your mouth at the very least!

However, it tastes better in Malaysia. No idea why. Never knew the taste of the same thing were dictated by nations LOL


(check out George's well-sculptured and toned bod!)


Before we knew it, it was time for DJ Afrojack at 11PM already!

He's one of the popular DJs flown down to ZoukOut… from Netherlands


Great beats!


Math lesson from DJ Afrojack yo 😛


The night has JUST begun!


Crazy-ass laser lighting filled up the zone


DJ of world ranking #4 in the haus!


Was so insane that after an hour plus, we decided to exit from the jostling crowd to take a break.

Conserve energy for more madness during Tiesto and David Guetta's set!


Took a rest near the blue octopus thingy to wait for my gurls Kelly and Jessyca


They arrived! Oh and, you know why I called it the blue octopus thingy?


Cos it was glowing with blue lights and had many many many tentacles! (or heads?)

It could well pass off as Medusa too


Camwhoring with more friends!


Walked over to the Canon photowall and found out that it was Canon's 10th anniversary

Lotsa instant photos were taken of everyone and distributed for free. Now that's what I call generosity!

I spotted a girl with a similar bikini. She quickly came up the podium to take pictures together!


Suddenly, another dude decked in similar wear ran up the podium to take pics with us too!

SALUTE! Funny how NONE of us were American though 😛


At 2.30AM, theboyfie and I headed outside to bring buddy Venessa and Cheez inside.

And guess who I bumped into?


The sexxy Jessbabe and her friend Chad 🙂


Anyway, after gathering everyone together, the party is now complete.

We were so afraid to miss Tiesto at 3am… hurry!


But when we got there, it was a goddamn riot. It was rowdy, rough and DANGEROUS, for the lack of a better word 🙁 Each of us were pushed and shoved!

When it got too extreme, this tall white dude couldn't take it anymore and overturned his tray of drinks on top of everyone's heads! So there. We were fed-up, sweaty and soaked in beer.

The party had begun from here until even two opposite ends of the beach

What can I say? it was Tiesto after all.


He's a legend and what I'd give to see him pumping up a party live before my very eyes, is probably what the millions of revelers here would give too. Once we finally made it into the crowd, we ended up stuck behind a rock.


So grumpy me scooted all the way to the front jostling through sweaty people to catch him tearing up the night

Seeing Tiesto, my idol in the flesh, made me not so grumpy anymore! *swoons*


Here are a few must-watch Tiesto live footages I shot! Especially if you are a fan of trance/house and rave parties.


Adagio For Strings!



My all-time favorite, Traffic!


After my mood was restored, I was finally back on party-mode!

No one can bring me down with Tiesto's music booming anywhere within earshot, much less TIESTO HIMSELF spinning it!


Ignore the 1st half of this video, the 2nd half just blew our minds away. 0.33 onwards!


I kinda like that picture on the bottom left. Must be my lucky angle!

It made me look thinner with a tiny waist! I don't have such a small frame in other pics (nor IRL) unfortunately


Another one of my top picks of Tiesto's tracks. The visuals were great too! Take a look –


Escape Me!


Confetti then burst into the sky all of a sudden! I was so excited; whipped out my camera and started clicking away

And someone had to get in the way of my picture -_-

Someone's stubby fingers to be exact.


Speaking of sudden bursts of fun to please the crowd even more, check out this huge bubble bobbing around the crowd!

Everyone tried to catch it, but I was told it just slips right outta your hand



It moved too fast and I didn't get to touch it. Bummer!

Oh and did I mention we were surrounded by gays where we stood?


There was a whole brood of them and I never noticed that it was a gay zone until it became fairly obvious. Oh well, the more the merrier!

Such nice and hyper people too! Unfortunately, one of them dropped his iPhone and lost it in the crowd. Poor thing!

What pissed me off is that the other gay went, "IPHONE 3GS OR IPHONE 4?" -________- When the poor guy was crawling all over the floor to search for his precious gadget. Like it matters at that moment of crisis ffs.


When the clock struck 5AM (goodness gracious I can't believe I've been at the beach for almost 12 hours), Tiesto welcomed none other than David Guetta onstage! 😀 😀 😀

The World is Mine!!!!!


Guetta's one heck of a party starter. Lotsa trance + RnB fans went psycho during his 2 hour set.

So did we 😀

Ven and I were sweating like mad and our long hair didn't help at all gah!


He busted out 'Getting Over' as the 1st track of the night and it sure got all of us jumping planet earth down!

And partay and partay and partay and par and par and partaaayyyyyy~!



Haha yeah that's my voice yelling out and singing along LOL


The LED robots were phenomenal!


They were dancing along to his beats and shot out sparklers of fire when we least expected it 

Take a look!


Insane much?


The party didn't stop till sunrise!


Another one of Guetta's popular track. I'm sure most of you would have heard it at least ONCE, especially if you've watched Step Up 3 the movie! Club Can't Handle Me 😀



I could remember us perspiring buckets and buckets after all that jumping and headbanging.

Thank god for Crocs and flip flops! Hint: Don't be like other bimbotic girls wearing high heels to a beach party. They not only make you a sunken twat with each step you take on the sand, it's also not ideal for dancing/jumping around a rave.

Getting slightly brighter already! The sun was rising in the distance


When we were on our way out, we saw lotsa people pissed drunk by the roadside and all smashed. Like totally smashed to no return.

Exhibit A below, scrambling for dear life onto a barricade covered in other people's puke?

Gawd no. This is just gross.


We left by 7am and managed to take the earliest train back!

Good thing the MRT crew began their day early… knowing jolly well that the morning-after Zouk Out crowd will flock transportation like hungry, drunk locusts LOL

Goodbye Zouk Out 2010! It was a swell night to remember

… for the good and the bad. See you next year!