If my car were to be a real human being, he'd probably be considered one of the luckiest men on earth.


It's because I pamper him way tooooooooo much. kiss


I know I've never blogged about my new car. Don't ask why – just never got round to it, I guess.

Betul2 tak tahu kenape. Jadi biarlah i bergambar skejap ngan kete aku okei? 


With my sexy red ride, the Ford Fiesta Sports Hatchback.


During the weekends, I've brought him in for a full car window tinting appointment at CG Tint Specialist.

The boss personally attended to me. She was amazing, patient and took the time to explain how different films actually work. Thanks Sherylheart


After 2.5 hours, my car windows are finally done! laugh


Out of the many (think: gazillions!) tinting film choices that CG Tint Specialist had in store, we discussed and narrowed down the choices before making a decision on what suits my car best, according to my daily usage. yes

Factors like where I usually park (indoors or outdoors), what time I usually leave for work and return from work (sunlight and glare), which area I live (safety) were also taken into consideration, amongst many others.

In the end, I chose the 58% dark tint with solar anti-UV, 65% anti-infra-red (heat) cool tech and with our alarming crime rate at hand, we decided to include the anti-theft (anti-smash) security film installed.cool


Proud and happy momma. wink Thanks CG Tint Specialist!

Now I feel so much safer, cooler and more comfy with less sun glare in my own car. 


The very next day, I decided to pamper my boy again.

I brought him to a car spa at CARs International.


Shine bright like a diamond! My baby all sparkling and shiny heart


We gave him a bubble-bath wash, a waxing treatment and had polishing work done on his outer body and a thorough vacuum and nano mist treatment for the inside. When I posted that photo on Facebook, someone suggested that I change his shoes too. wink Thanks for the bright idea!

Why didn't I think of that? Sport rims for your wheels next, baby! heart


Since mommy loves her shoes, you should have show-stopping shoes too! 

Which do you like best? wink


Anyway, ever since I got my car in January, I've always planned to modify the interior to red.

The results will look something like this:


My steering wheel and dashboard will look like this


And the seats will look like this 


Okay, enough car talk. I've always been the car enthusiast but I wouldn't wanna bore you just yet laugh

So let's see. Here's what I've been up to this week:


Friday outfit of the night.


Attended the Wicked Nights club series by Wicked Entertainment in Club Neverland.

This time round, they brought German trancemeister duos, Cosmic Gate. 

You can read the blog feature I've written: here


In stark contrast, here's a photo of me in my pyjamas. blush

Janganlah ketawa aku, boleh? Malaslah nak tukar kpd baju yang lain.


Allow me to explain. It was 2.30am, I was sleepy and hence couldn't be arsed to go

through the effort of putting something else on. cheeky I hope that clarifies hahaha!


Just a casual afternoon outfit of the day

The tee I'm wearing was a gift from mom. A subtle reminderof my little island, Penang,

and one of her many ways of telling me that I'm always beautiful in her eyes. heart


Charity work at Spastic Children's Association of Selangor & Federal Territory.

Your contribution is their hope! You can make your kind donations on their official website at: scasft.org


What else? Gym. 


So several months have passed since I've begun my vigorous training.

To be honest, I don't find it hardcore at all when most people do. Maybe it's because I've been a gym rat since the year 2007. Once you do something long enough, it just falls into a routine and a habit that you are too familiar with. 


Few months in. Progress shot.

Gained 6kg of lean muscle and fat percentage dropped by 30%


As a result, I was pretty upset when my weight had increased, due to societal norms and mass media influence of "losing weight" and "being skinny". 

However, I keep reminding myself not to be bummed because muscle weighs heavier than fat. 

But unavoidably, I was depressed on the very night I checked and measured my progress until I ranted to my fellow gym buff.


He told me not to worry about the number on the scale and to keep up the good job.

 smiley Thank you, you know who you are!heart


And as usual, awesome post-workout meals! I think I spend most of my time in the kitchen now.

Aku rasa aku skarang macam tinggal kat dapur aku, tahu. Memang gemar memasak sejak baru2 ini.


Italian wholewheat durum spaghetti with chopped button mushrooms, brocolli, carrots,

honey-baked aubergines all tossed with freshly blended tomato puree and thyme.


Organic wholewheat cavatappi with scrambled eggs, tuna and tomatoes

topped with basil and ground black pepper.


I think I made a lot more food  this week but can't seem to find them.

Perhaps I gobbled them all – including the photos! cheeky


We had a potluck steamboat party during lunch hour at work too.

It was like a buffet, and so yum! Here's a photo from my bowl.


With one of my colleagues, Wendy.

The whole team went to The Curve for lunch the next day and grabbed coffee too!


Was pleasantly surprised by a wonderful delivery of booze and party gear:

glowsticks, a silicon LED Nixon watch and an adorable beer bottle pendrive!

Thanks Carlsberg Malaysia!

More about this in a blog feature.*hint* Where's the Party? wink


This week also got me riling as I have been phoneless for several days now.

In this day and age, and my being the social media addict, I felt restless as there was absolutely nothing in my hands to fidget with! If you're wondering, I've sent my iPhone 4S for a one-on-one exhange to Maxis and Apple.

It's a good thing they don't repair, but instead REPLACE your faulty one with a new one laugh


Went to Berjaya Times Square in the city on Saturday and all I bought

was this snapback cap by popular street wear gear brand, OBEY.


Okay, I lied. I bought a new iPhone case for my new iPhone that will be arriving soonest by Friday!

Nice? And I also bought a new screen protector and matt red iPhone body sticker.laugh


Almost bought this but theboyf stopped me.

He says I didn't need any more mirrors nor Hello Kitty stuff. I had to agree cheeky


Random candids of my cat, Chivas.

Theboyf loves taking photos of him – all the time!


Escaped work during lunch hour to grab a cuppa at Artisan Roast, TTDI


I can never resist their cheesecake.


Satisfied our late night lok-lok cravings in the city cheeky


On Sunday night, I checked out a new place for dinner. 


Milk and Butter, Bangsar



The food was superb! We had the Wild Mushroom soup, Cottage Pie (Shepard's Pie), Ultimate Scrambled Egg, Turkey Ham and Chicken Ham Crunchy Pizza and a cuppa latte each. laugh

The waiters were so jovial and courteous. I loved the whole ambience of the restaurant too.

More about my experience at Milk and Butter in my next blog feature!


Random selfie. Double trouble on a rainy day.


That's all for this week. Have a good seven days ahead and look forward to the weekend again! wink


Much love,



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