Having said about a million times before that I haven’t been to Publika ever in my life, when its probably one of the most frequented malls by youths, artsy community and hipsters alike, I have finally been there for the first time!

This marks my second time in Publika and I was spoilt for choice on where to go for bestieJoyce’s belated birthday dinner.


Besties since circa 2007

I probably don’t need to begin telling you who this girl is anymore, especially for those of you who have been long time readers of my blog. Hence, no introduction needed; the caption above says it all smiley

I decided to check out an Italian restaurant, Silver Spoon, for dinner as we have both not dined there before.

Plus, some fancy Italian delights sounds good! wink

As theboyf and I arrived first, we grabbed some drinks before the rest joined us.

His: Paulaner draft beer | Hers: Apple-Orange Juice

More often than not, the four of us always opt for alfresco dining, so a nice table right out front was booked for us. Thus, I took the chance to explore more of Silver Spoon to check out its lovely interior. devil


Just before entering its indoor premises.

To my right, there was a rather elaborate bar, counter and a cake display below.

I liked how neatly they exhibited their bottles of alcoholic beverages and wine glasses.

They seem to complement the chandeliers above, which looked like glasses themselves!

As I walked in further, there was an wall almost entirely dedicated to their bottle display shelf

and huge flat screen TVs adjacent to the dining area.

To my left, there were more dining tables, catered to fit a bigger number of patrons.
To the left of the entrance, were even bigger tables for maximum capacity! Group dining would be a breeze.
enlightenedDid you know that their chandeliers are made of actual silver spoons itself?
Hence the name of the restaurant.
A slightly closer look.

Made my way back out again and took a seat back at my table.

Still, nothing beats the enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere of the alfresco dining! smiley

Maklumlah, aku dan kebanyakan rakan2ku lebih menyukai menjamu selera di luar restoran, berbanding dengan di dalam premisnya. Ini juga telah menjadi kebiasaan kita semua.

We perused the giant menu and kept getting distracted

we just couldn’t stop catching up and talking to each other! 

We all took so long that I wonder if the waiters were beginning to think that we weren’t exactly planning on dining in their restaurant but instead, just planning to sit here freeloading their seats haha! devil

We eventually ended up ordering so much food! Yummm.


Our boys and their beers (like the men they are)

Us girls and our fruit juices.

Let’s get on to the food shall we?

We didn’t have to wait long before the first dish came. The rest all came consecutively – all at one go!

Roasted Pumpkin Soup


It was made with oven-roasted pumpkin puree blended with vegetable stock, with croutons on top.

I didn’t quite fancy the rather oily,  cream based on top of my soup, although aesthetically, the design was pretty creative, forming a beautiful presentation for a soup dish. yes

It tasted wonderful, made with just the right consistency of a perfect pumpkin soup!

Caesar Salad


This is one unique Caesar Salad, that’s for sure! Instead of the regular ingredients like chicken strips and regular hardboiled eggs. tandoori chicken chunks and hardboiled quail eggs were usedyes Delicious!

Apart from that interesting twist, it came, typically, with baby romaine lettuce, caesar dressing, croutons and parmesan cheese.

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms


These were fantastic! The mushrooms were so soft and juicy, bursting with even more goodness of herbed mushrooms stuffed inside. Very flavourful, though I was expecting more stuffings than just mushroom inside. 

Either minced meat, bacon bits, sauteed onions or capsicums would be a nice addition to the stuffings inside the mushroom caps. But I guess this works as well smiley


Norweigian Salmon Fillet


The risotto was made with squid ink, hence the blackened colour.

I loved how thick the flesh of the salmon was, and it was grilled to perfection too. Soft on the inside and slightly crisp on the outside. The spinach was a nice touch to balance the meal.


Chicken Tandoori Pizza


This thin-crust pizza was very well made and crunchy with each bite!

The mint sauce yoghurt goes very well when paired with the tandoori chicken – pretty sure the Indians would approve! It also had mayo underneath, tomatoes and onion rings, decorated sparsely with mint leaves.


Braised Lamb Shank


I couldn’t find a single flaw in this dish. It tasted too good, tender and tasty, exceeding my expectations!

It is rather balanced a meal with a generous helping of vegetable sides too.

The Fantastic Four feeling all burped out (a sign of satisfaction!) and well-fed. yes

Hi! It’s us again.

I then quietly excused myself and whispered to the waiter of how I would like the grand entrance of her birthday cake slice to be like. They did an excellent job! Not only a ‘Happy Birthday’ song was played, but the staff were singing the song as well.

From their array of cakes, I chose their Molten Lava chocolate cake.


Molten Lava Chocolate Cake.


(I would give more stars if I could. Actually, I will)


Five stars from EACH of us. You deserve it, little one! heart


Here’s a keek from us. laugh Special guest tonight: bestieJoyce!

Jun 5, 2013 | I never got to spend bestieJoyce’s #birthday with her this year so here’s one from me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL ❤ by imthejessicat on Keek.com

Happy 25th birthday again, sweetheart.heart

May we spend many, many and many more birthdays to come!


To book a table or for more information on Silver Spoon, Publika, you can:

Call them at: +6013 5201 6800 (Opening hours 11am-11pm daily)

Visit them at: Lot No 33, Level G2, Publika, No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Log on to their website at: www.silversp.com.my

Like their Facebook page at: fb.com/silverspoon