Hey peeps! It’s been forever since I’ve last blogged in my personal log of The Sunday Times.

Well not forever, just over two weeks. But somehow, I know you guys prefer my personal updates and ramblings rather than the glitzy glam ones or the adverts & reviews I write.

Or… not? Hehe.


Just one of the styleshots I snapped for The Wild Things


I’ve received some emails over the weekend from you peeps telling me you love the “fun to read” and “interesting” way I write the ads.

Thanks so much! I must be doing something right then 🙂

Maklumlah, sekiranya seorang penulis tidak mampu mencoret artikel yang menarik mahupun menawan, lebih baik kalau mengucapkan selamat tinggal kepada kerjayanya, bukan?


Gorgeous Lamborghini Gallardo, don’t you think?


I was back in Ipoh recently to visit the family. Heck, I haven’t gone home in ages due to all the commitments as well as events here in KL which I had to be present for. Crying

It dawned upon me that granny is getting old, and she’s the only grandparent I have left. Not surprisingly, I just decided, screw it, I’ll just postpone all my appointments that weekend and make a trip just to see them.


Didn’t regret doing that at all.Kiss


Took a sneaky picture of the three very important, wise ladies in my life.

My godmom, my granny and my mother. What would I do without them?


We made the weekend count! Goddy treated us to a buffet brunch at Impiana Hotel, Ipoh.

Totally a cheat day for me. Somehow, I always end up cheating when I’m back home with the family – every meal is just too goooood to resist.

Here are some of the food included in the buffet spread:


Impiana Hotel had quite a good selection of food on display but that wasn’t all. The outdoor patio boasted a live cooking station where your Roti Jala, Dim Sums, hot noodle soups were made right in front of you.

Managed to have a short conversation with the F&B managers just before I left; they are actually in the midst of increasing the variety and diversifying the menu! Looks like there will be more to come soon.


As much as I love being back home, it also meant that I wouldn’t have access to the gym.

But hey, *tip* who needs kettlebells when you could just fill up a giant 5-litre container?

Before I knew it, my weekend was over and I hurled my arse back to the city.

If you’re following me on Twitter, you would know that I’ve just got a new boss! He’s the head of Digital Creative Strategies and I now report directly to him. Like clockwork, my passion towards my job sky-rocketed.

Desmond isn’t only funny, jovial and affable, but he’s also very ambitious, very meticulous and has a very, very impressive vision. He’s the type that insist on getting things done pronto and with him onboard, I now feel I have someone way more experienced than I am to look up to and to hold in high regard.

Long story short, my new boss has, very quickly, made me learn so much, groomed us all to be better at our jobs, imparted a positive working attitude in us and made the working environment much more fun! With his guidance, new directions has been so much clearer for me in my pursuit.

I know some day, I will be in his position… and I long to lead a team just the way he leads us – or even better! 😉


Some of the internal changes. I now have a new desk and wasted no time in decorating my new workspace.

I’m sitting very near the Art Director! Helps a lot as I work very closely with our team of designers.

Haha. We no longer have to shout across the room whenever we wanted to say something.


And then there are birthdays in the office.Cool

I know I can’t say this enough but, it’s someone’s birthday in the office everyday. Well, almost.


I can’t remember the last time I ate a birthday cake or sang a birthday song every week or so.


Happy Birthday to one of our Web Developers, Akil!

We’re alike in many ways. Let’s start with.. the glasses. LOL


 Three’s never a crowd. Meet Ben. Our Art Director.

Wait – why does it look like someone just photoshopped the exact same pair of glasses onto our faces?

Lunch outings with the colleagues. We eat our regular neighbourhood food every other day, but some days, we take a trip to the mall instead.

This week was Coffee Bean. I don’t think I’ve featured any Coffee Bean food before, so I suppose I will today.


 Banana Muffin

Tuna Pie

There’s plenty of room for improvement in the looks department but the taste sure made up for it!

Tuna Mayo Sandwich

Grilled Chicken.


Living in Malaysia, we sure do have our fair share of holidays. Actually, more of a lion’s share of holidays.

And Tuesday was a national holiday – AGAIN. But hey, I’m not complaining! Tongue Out


Jessicat wears: Striped top by Forever 21 | High-waisted skirt in pink by Cotton On |

Snapback cap by OBEY | Accessories from a fashion bazaar in SG| High-top sneakers in purple by PUMA


Loving my new kicks from PUMA. Aren’t they mighty fine?

Oooh and I just bought bright yellow shoelaces to give it a little bit of contrast.

Pointless selfie.

Dined in a Thai restaurant for some authentic Thai food for a change. Sealed

Fa-Ying by Rama V in Paradigm. Mall was our pick. Here are some photos!


See what I told you about it being cosy? 🙂


I love the background! The interior decor is really, really fine.

Fried Spring Rolls

Spicy Squid

Grilled Salmon with Thai coriander sauce


Chicken Satay

The food was just beckoning me to dig in!

After my visit, I found Fa-Ying to be a very state-of-the-art yet cosy restaurant with excellent choice of traditional and modern Thai delicacies. The ambience and setting were equally as delightful as I found their food to be.

The waiters and managers were extremely pleasant, courteous and friendly too. I was very pleased with their impeccable service!


The public holiday also gave me the necessary break I needed for retail therapy.

Check out the new apparel I bought from H&M! Yes, if you haven’t already noticed, I’m into cats.

Even my online moniker is a giveaway.

Didn’t end up buying this silly beanie. I never understand beanies.

They make me look like I’ve undergone brain surgery.

Some people look cute in beanies but I absolutely don’t.

Got to spend time with my furkid Chivas at home. Kiss


Lunch hour with my girl Sarah

Also lots of shopping at a sample sale preview!


Some time later in the week, I checked out a new burger joint in Damansara Perdana called BurgerByte.

This outlet was previously called Tam’s Place, which is your average Malay restaurant. But after a month or so of renovations, a different concept was born. Wink


The whole lot of us! Below are some of their meals.


Chili Dog


Chicken & cheese burger with egg


 Beef and cheese burger.


Though I’m not exactly a fan of burgers and hotdogs (sorry, dear Americans! 🙁 ) I could tell that my colleagues were somehow satisfied with it. They preferred the beef burger over its chicken counterpart though.

You can also order a ‘Naked Burger) – yes that’s what it’s called – that comes without the burger bun but only the patty and vegetable sides. Yeah I know, how interesting!


Hi! Another pointless selfie break.


Received very pretty gifts from La Senza. Loving their new lacy undies!

Gotta check them out! They’re so pretty.

When night falls, I clock into work again. This time for my night job.

Don’t worry, I’m not a prostitute LOLOLOL. Welcome to my other home – the gym.



The road to Olympia might sound a tad far-fetched, but nothing should ever be too unachievable if you put your heart and soul into it. All good things come to those not who wait, but those who work for it.Laughing

Before IBFF’s Figure Olympia though, there are always other figure championships to step my foot into first. I know I’ll get there after strenuous dedication, discipline, commitment and hard work. I may not be there yet but I am closer to where I was yesterday.


On a less serious note, guess who’s on TV giving the new SONY Sports MP3 player a test? 😛 😛


It’s waterproof, wire-free and has a built in MP3 player too.

Finally! No more messy wires to get in the way of my routines.


 Seronoknya menggunakan gadjet terbaru mereka!

Staying steadfast into this journey also requires me to eat clean. I draw my inspiration from other female figure competitors around the world.

That being said, mealprepping is the easiest way to achieve this. Like every edition of The Sunday Times, I’m gonna be showing you some of this week’s mealpreps and cooking.



Also gave this Organic Raw Chocolate Bar by Beond Raw Bio Organic a try.

Walaupun aku tidak menggemarinya terlalu sangat, tetapi ianya cukup memuaskan.


Can’t say I like it but this energy bar tastes pretty decent to me. Not sweet at all (obviously) and a tad sticky.


Gave the McDonald’s G Wrap a try. Doesn’t cut it at all, to me.

Tastes awful with so little chicken in it.

Even my neighbourhood kebab and chicken/beef wrap store gives me a bigger bang for my buck.

Maybe I’ll give it one more try.


Unwinding with a quick shisha fix after a long day of work with the mates.

Before I go, let me leave you with an interesting discovery.



If you’re wondering, I was helping a friend check why her poodle doesn’t seem to be able to learn any new tricks yet. I typed in ‘Why does my poo-” and smarty pants Google started to suggest all these poop related questions based on common algorithms and search results.

I can only imagine that there are people around the world who actually asks these questions haha! Crying


Sad Sorry for such a late post! I’m aware it’s not Sunday yet – this is for last week!



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