I don’t know if many of you know this, but… I’ve been quite the poet since I was a child.

For those of you who have been following my blog since 2005, you guys would have probably saw my fair share of poems revolving around romance, mysteries, anger, joy, heartbreak,  gratitude, remorse, happiness, sorrow, and a whole lot more.

Some of which, I do publish here on this blog and the rest, well, let’s just say it’s too personal for public consumption.


I don’t know why I derive pleasure from weeping a cascading torrent of words and take comfort in expressing my current state of mind within the powers of literary text instead of just… well, do the ordinary thing like, cry or sleep on it.

Maybe I just have an odd affinity to writing.

Hence, no surprise why I’ve gotten one of my favourite sonnets from Shakespeare tattooed onto my collarbone.



This morning, I woke up from a rather deep sleep but didn’t get out of bed til noon for some reason.

Here’s a quick one I wrote this morning.


Thy lips; a recurring dream
Seemingly soft as silence
But engulfed with mystery
Daintily unravelling desires

Ethereal dusk sets its children free
Thou art the rays of her starlight
A chance so rare; unmistakable
A force of chemistry so profound

It was not thy lips I kissed,
but thy soul within those walls
A soul that hast spoken,
For which through the eyes I met

Capable of speaking,
without uttering a single syllable
More bold and daring,
than the courage thou yields within

The soul in all its might can kiss with a gaze
Thou hast makest that one gaze ever thine

A drive too fervent to deny
An ode too arduous to comprehend
A single nuance; unspoken

So pull her close to thee
Whisper into thy mouth
Purse thy lips and tonight,
Let thy dreams take wing.


With that, sleep well dearest readers. I wish you a pleasant night. Smile