Sunday is over and I've just finished half a jar of chunky peanut butter.

I'm a tad impressed by my urge to snack, especially at midnight LOL


So… what rocked my week?

The pinnacle is most certainly the fact that I won 'Best Dressed' in Samsung Malaysia's Super Sweet BFF Hello Kitty party! *throws confetti* 


This came down as quite pleasant surprise if I do say so myself!

I was gobsmacked when I was nominated. My name was called out as a finalist and finally, a winner.


Just me impersonating Hello Kitty for the afternoon.


It may be just a menial fashion award to some, but to me, I was over the moon :D

I think it's due to the sad fact that I've never really had much luck in terms of winning anything during events. I'm an absolute ill-omen at Lucky Draws/Lucky Dips; till a point that I've stopped harbouring so much as a glimmer of hope when numbers are being drawn out ;(;(

So yes, I'm overwhelmed. Really. Thank you, dear judges and Samsung Malaysia for my lovely prize of a Samsung Galaxy Y Limited Edition Hello Kitty smartphone!


At the Super Sweet BFF party with bestieJoyce

*Full blogpost soon!*


Apart from the above party, my last seven days kept me busy. Was out and about, as usual. I appreciate my off-days where I'm not frantically rushing one deadline after another or darting to one event venue to another.

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy what I do. Just… whenever things begin to take its toll on you, all you want is just to be whisked away to paradise for a day where nothing requires your absolute commitment, solid attention nor expects anything of you.

I guess I just (sometimes) miss my me-time 


Monday. Where am I off to?


The start of the week (while I was still recovering from my bout of fever) saw me attending A Cut Above's charity gala ball : A Musical Evening for the Children at the Grand Ballroom of Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa.

I had a wonderful time at this event of love, kindheartedness and goodwill. It was my greatest pleasure to support this philantropic initiative by A Cut Above. They managed to raise more than RM300K for their efforts! 


Charity begins at home. But it mustn't stop there.

*Full blogpost coming soon!*


One rainy evening proved to be worth enduring the insane traffic jams to the city.

I was totally sold upon laying eyes on some gorgeous timepieces of various European make. It was my honour to hold them in the palm of my hand (very gently, mind you!! Each one of them costs a few grand!) and wear them for the night.


Attended the private wine & dine function of Red Army Watches Malaysia

*Full blogpost coming soon!


What's a week without some food-hunting?

Here are some of my top picks this week 

Lunchdate with bestiePam at Manhattan Fish Market @ E@Curve

Fully recommended: We shared a platter for two – loving the whole flame-charred tiger prawns!


Lunchdate with bestieJoyce at Malone's Irish Restaurant & Bar @ Pavilion KL!

I recommend the Stuffed Chicken Breast with Mushroom, which was what I ordered and loved

She enjoyed her Chicken Crepe Roll but it was too sweet for my liking


Weekends soon crept in and it can only spell P-A-R-T-Y for most of us looking to let our hair down.

Might as well go crazy over some drinks, loud music, bass-thumping beats and of couse, the company of your partymates while we still can ;)


My rave kakis. Someone's missing, ey?

Unfortunately, bestiePam was really tired that Friday and slept through it all! :/


Attended Showtek's techno/harstyle rave in Zouk Club KL


The weather today showed no mercy as it didn't stop pouring; not one bit!

I took this as the perfect chance to sleep in – the cool morning breeze lulled me back to dreamland quite instantly! It really has that effect on me 

The other half and I didn't go far for food today, we opted for some pub grub at our neighbourhood German bar, Deutsches Gasthaus!


Clockwise L-R: Pigs in a Blanket, Honey-Rum Chicken & Moroccan Chicken

(excuse the poor quality of the photograph, pub lighting can be inadequate!)


The food was simple & delicious for regular pub fare and kept me satiated me for a good full day.

Definitely somewhere I'd go back to eat again if I didn't feel like eating out too far 


And that's my week in a nutshell. 


As I said in my previous edition of The Sunday Times, tardiness won't be part of my blogging schedule anymore. I shall dedicate the whole of December to clear off ALL my backlog. Let the memories roll! So don't be surprised if you see blogposts of stuff which happened several months or years ago 

Heh. Guilty as charged, but never too late to rectify things. Have a great week ahead dearest readers! 


Much love,




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