This is ridiculous! Time is certainly against me.

I've had 'The Sunday Times' weekly edition published every Sunday for exactly nine consecutive weeks now, it is beyond me how I skipped exactly a month's worth of it!


My last edition was dated 21st October, exactly four weeks ago!

It was before I jetsetted off to Cambodia for a couple of weeks and adjourned to Penang before I could even unpack! Also got into a road accident, sprained my ankle, ran a marathon and brought some lovely Australian tourists around the city.


The past month has been hectic and I apologize for not being timely with the blogposts I promised!

I've decided to revert my approach to blogging back to how I used to be. Timeliness is key. No more pending blogposts for months on end! For now, I shall be kept busy clearing off all my backlog. 


So let's see, where were we?


Dressed up for Halloween 2012 for Zouk KL's Skull Island party with my buddies

So many photos to share! Full blogpost coming soon, I promise! ;)


Dinner recommendation : Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

My one and ONLY favorite place for mouth-watering pork ribs! 


Packed my bags and was ready to go. I was then flown to Siem Reap, Cambodia on a fully sponsored trip by BlogFest Asia 2012. 

Cambodia Part One's blogpost is up – here! *click*


The majestic Angkor Wat by the 6AM sunrise


And the golden sunset at Phnom Bakheng hilltop


Nine days was too short! I landed back in Kuala Lumpur before I was ready to say goodbye to Cambodia.

A couple of days later, I was whisked away by Carlsberg Malaysia to their secret annual party held in Penang Island this year 


Carlsberg : Where's the Party 2012 blogpost Part One – here! *click*


Coming back to my little island, Penang, was a good way to get away from the city for a while.


It awarded me the time I wanted to spend with mother; in a familiar space

where nothing else used to matter but the comforts of home 

We're 30 years apart but hardly any visible difference, ey? 


Got to spend time with another one of my unsung heroes in life 

My maid/kakak/nanny/housekeeper/another-mother. Already 20 years working with us and counting!


What's Penang Island without it's heritage trail and food hunting?


I took part in the annual Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012 as well.

Full blogpost – here! *click*


Took a roadtrip down south to surprise godmom dearest with a private birthday lunch

at Indulgence Restaurant & Living, Ipoh's most opulent fine dining mansion 

Fully recommended for memorable functions or romantic dates!


Spent the last two days with Konzy's family who flew down all the way from Australia!

Brought them to some local food delights at NZ Garden Cafe 

I recommend this as a perfect spot to bring tourists as it overlooks our Twin Towers!


Had a lovely time with them! 

I hope they bear nothing but good memories of Kuala Lumpur city & Malaysia 


Attended the finale of Kronenbourg 1664's L'Aperitif Fashion

Celebrating the French art of pleasure at Luna Bar, on the roof top of Pacific Regency Hotel!


It was a night of cutting edge fashion, music, merriment, mingling and oh yes, more Blanc, please!

Thank you, Kronenbourg 1664, for having me 


Spent an afternoon in the city in a food review session at La Mexicana KL

Fully recommended for authentic Mexican cuisine! *Full blogpost coming soon*


AND THEN. I didn't know what hit me. I shall blame it on the weather or my idle immune system LOL.

Without any prior symptoms whatsoever, I fell sick with a very high fever the next day ;(


The closest thing I can get to sick-person food in Old Town restaurant

Ginger Chicken with Steamed Rice and Hot Honey Lemon juice right before taking my dosage of Paracetamol

(Thanks for the meds, Pammy! x)


Just cut up a large platter of fruits – oranges, apples & pears. Will be needing all the Vitamin C I can pump in to be well for tomorrow night's ball! :D

The 'Musical Evening for the Children' fund-raising gala evening of music, food and fun is a philanthropic effort by the A Cut Above group to aid the Malaysian Childrens' Aid Society (MACAS).



The one-night-only performance will see a myriad of Malaysia's best local artistes and celebrities serenading us with their various vocal talents and respective musical instruments as well as a hair-show featuring the Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 finalists and so much more! :D

I've always believed in lending my support to charity events, to the best I can. In the pursuit of success, one should always take a portion of it to give back to society. Whether it be in cash, kind or even one's own talent and skills of trade…

We all know charity begins at home… but it doesn't have to stop there 

That being said, have a wonderful & blessed seven days ahead of you, dear readers!


Much love,




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