So the Twilight saga has finally come to an end.

That means goodbye to sparkly vampires, expressionless actresses and hunky werewolves.


I was invited to the premiere screening of Twilight : Breaking Dawn Part 2 last night in TGV Cinemas, Sunway Pyramid when it was released in Malaysia (Thanks Josh!)


Brought along buddy Pamela as my plus one for the movie premier


If you remember from Part 1, leading vampire couple Edward Cullen and Bella Swan bore themselves a beautiful daughter, a girl who is half-vampire and half-mortal.

In Part 2, a significant chunk of the storyline revolves around their hybrid offspring, Renesmee, the consequences of her existence, gathering vamp troops to defend themselves from the Volturi.


Bella, Edward and their daughter, Renesmee


What really intrigued me was how the Cullens managed to hunt down vamps from all corners of the globe; they had such a racially diverse & multi-ethnic troop with heavy, distinguishable accents! 

Our familiar Northern American and Italian vampires were cast alongside Middle Eastern vamps, Indian vamps, Japanese vamps, tribesfolk vamps, Amazonian vamps, Russian vamps, Eastern European vamps, and Icelandic vamps slathered with face-powder so thick they look like an aftermath of Botox gone wrong 


My favorite part of the movie was the bloodshed and war between the Cullens VS the Volturi. There was so much action, gore and violence!

Think decapitations, ripping of limbs, tearing open mouths and more.


The Cullens gather against the Volturi


However, a mind blowing twist in the plot happened towards the end of said action-packed scene which left us viewers frustrated and shell-shocked. Everyone in the cinema was speechless and burst into laughter.

I too, was flabbergasted and could only manage a as I felt so tricked!

The photo above is a hint 


Also, is it just me or is Alice Cullen really drop dead gorgeous in the movie? She has this aura of mystery engulfing her dark, gothic look whenever she speaks! Love her. My fave Cullen of all 
Ultimately, I managed to watch my hunky Jacob Black in action 

There was one hilarious part in the woods where he stripped for an elderly man (Not in a sexual way, don’t worry… but I won’t tell you who!) which got the whole theatre giggling.


Jacob, oh, you sexy beast!

Despite taking his shirt off only once to reveal his rippling muscles and his body of a tank – much to many Team Jacob girls’ disappointment – watching him in character was good enough for me.

Can you turn into a werewolf one more time for me, please? ;)

Apart from Jacob & Alice Cullen, my favorite parts were Aro’s dramatic expressions. 


Though I’m not a fan, I found Twilight : Breaking Dawn Part 2 to be a wonderful conclusion to the whole Twilight saga  It was great to see all the characters again for one last time.

But its sappy dialogue, hyperbolic expressions and unnecessary vampire romance sex scenes (in slow motion, no less!) upstaged the touching storyline, cryptic scenes, family values, action-packed parts and funny punchlines. I give this movie a 3 out of 5. 



An epic finale to the never-ending Twilight hype (finally, ey?), you’d be a fool not to watch – yes, even if you dislike the series 
For the rest of you who do, enjoy the show, Twi-hard fans & sparkly vamps!