Slavery never felt this sweet. Now that the publication is printed, over and done with, I can finally sit back and appreciate the fruits of a 3month harvest!

My insanity of staying up at wee hours of the morning and constantly bugging my team of reporters was certainly worth it. These 40 glorious pages of sheer hard work is indeed a proud asset to savour. Well done team mates, I’m so pleased with our final product. Lets give ourselves a big hand! =)

 My preciousssssss… take it away and endure the retributions

My heartfelt appreciation goes out to:

1. The Daily Scoop team for putting up with me, your merciless editor. (muahahaaha)
2. Miss Ruby for allowing me to take countless pictures of her until I was satisfied. (Personality Profile)
3. Mr. Irwan, Ivan Cheah, Derry Lim, David Khoo, Joyce Ang, and Andrea Chuang (I photoshopped them for my advertisements)
Like it, Mr. Irwan? =P

4. DigiPress Print Centre for printing the newspaper
5. Kerry Chan for passing me the press release of Danzity’s Dance Competition
6. Every one else who contributed in one way or another