I can officially say that a large area of my skin has corroded due to the friction between the couch and my body. Why, you ask? Fancy sitting in the same couch for more than 5hours doing everything pertaining to college.. gahh. Why do I even bother? My gramps would probably have bedsores by then… in this case, couch-sores.
So yeah, 5 consecutive hours on the same couch drove me bored to death and I’ve ran outta ideas to make myself even more lethargic. Yeah, declining many outings today and forcing myself to embellish the gray leather couch working & studying isn’t exactly my cup of tea. But, too bad.. I’ll be fully occupied for the evening and night.. you don’t expect me to be painting the town red in the afternoon right? Priorities come first. (cheh-wahh)

Then again, when boredom gets the better of me….. 

Going.. Going.. GONE.
And she resurrected!!!

I then decided to pamper myself with a manicure and a pedicure. Oooh, I’m lovin it! It’s black with a single white stripe. That’s how bored I can get…. bahhhh. I cant wait for the BBQ party!! *gleams* We prepared some currypuffs for everyone later too

Big with great fillings!! =)

Finally! It’s time for the BBQ get together and boy I’m so relieved. Goodbye couch, hello food!

It’s one of my fav places to have BBQs, around the Gold Coast vicinity. Just lovin’ the ambience and the perfectly-lit park
Pretty isn’t it? The steps makes me feel so imperial. =)

No party is complete without good food & booze!

*more pix in my facebook*

As Aunt BeeLiew  Uncle SoonKheng just returned from their holiday in Hong Kong, we received some pretty gifts from Disneyland and got to marvel over their pictures. (Note to self: Go to Madame Tussauds wax museum) Oh and I hope our planned trip to the United States actualize!

Looks like my day was well-balanced.. ON PURPOSE. Gahhh