So Orianthi rocked the Malaysian stage and gave us a relatively good Rock 101 lesson. Almost coincidentally, Slash from Guns & Roses took the stage the next day. But that's another story altogether 😀



If you didn't already know, this 25 year old rocker chick from Greek-Australian descent was our late King of Pop Michael Jackson's lead guitarist in his comeback show, 'This Is It.' Well, if only he didn't pass away so soon, he would've introduced and exposed Orianthi to the eyes of the world!

Hundreds of rock junkies filled the concert venue as early as 6 in the evening – two hours before the show began!


We didn't have to wait long before she made a grand entrance after an opening act by local singer Ana Raffali


Dressed in studded black and a white fedora, I braced the insane traffic snarl to rock on with Orianthi courtesy of MSN Malaysia and how I wished buddy Jeremy made it! 🙁 He wasn't feeling too well.


I brought along my best friend Joyce and her boyfie Chris to experience a real rock concert too.

Thanks Wei Siong!


With bestie Joyce and Hunny Madu the MC of the night!


Her entrance was really grand to its truest sense. The stage lighting turned scarlet red and 2 of her guitarists leaped out, performing pretty cool solos to get the crowd going. Her gravity defying mohawk haired drummer did his thang and ended with a drumroll, beckoning Orianthi to come on stage.


She then appeared before our eyes enticing us at even under a minute


Orianthi really dressed the part of a rock star goddess that she was. With black kohl linered peepers, there she was, clad in a pair of old skool Chuck Taylor sneakers, a shimmery silver skirt laced over a pair of black and red motif leggings, a black tank top imprinted with a blinged skull paired with a biker jacket with miniature chains dangling from the right sleeve.


Hung around her neck was a metal guitar pick, completing the entire look she donned


After her first few songs, she then introduced herself (babe, do you still need to? 🙂 )


She shared with us that she has been singing since she was 6 years old and wrote a song at 16.





This energetic young lass performed various covers of rock legends as well as some old skool rock song. Ahh, the classics, sometimes you need a blast from the past. And Orianthi gave us more than that! 😀



She was the belle of the ball no doubt

All eyes were on her and her alone




Orianthi never failed to introduce the songs she was playing and remained in constant communication with her fans that night.


I just love her voice even when she's not singing!


Her concert began raising the temperature, as she progressed from song after song.





The sound effects, lightplay and everything else was impressively rock solid! It was plain to see that everyone was having a rockin' time – even the peeps on stage!


Her concert was made also a showcase for her myriad of guitars methinks.

Almost every 20 minutes, she would change guitars for her performance!


If you looked closely at her guitars in my pictures,

you would've already noticed that this yellow one was the 3rd one Orianthi performed with



There was no break in between, but my buddies and I camwhored anyways


They were just as blown away by Orianthi as I was



After performing lots of covers and various songs, she belted out her 1st single 'According to You' and catapulted the crowd to the skies.



She broke into beads of sweat headbanging and jumping all around stage with us



Here's a short video of it! 🙂


Check it out



The most jawdropping part was when she completely mind-whipped her fans with solo after solo. Our eyes widened and had our mouths hung open when she deftly worked her magic on that insane plucking, sliding and finger play on her electric guitar.


Her expression could easily show that she was just as immersed in her music as much as we all are.

You go gurl! m/



A short snippet of her solo performance!




Backing her up was 2 of her bass guitarists who did a fine job as well!

One male …..


and the other… FEMALE!

Loving her spidey top! 😀


All 3 of them were fabulous on stage! The trio really knew how to throw the crowd in a frenzy

So much so that so many rock junkies and starstruck fans of hers began to pass her gifts and handmade posters midway


There she was holding up a few of 'em

Awwwwwww.. schweet!


They continued tearing the concert to shreds with their amplified talents booming through the speakers


I'm diggin' their onstage chemistry too!


She not only played those hard rocking guitar driven tracks, but also some slower and more melancholy vocal songs as well.



Another song that most of us were looking forward to was her 2nd single,  'Shut Up and Kiss Me'. When she blasted that, I knew that was most definitely the gambit of the night. It was THAT awesome till there was 2 encores of that song!


We were practically feeding off each other's energy!


Another video!! 🙂 Shut up and Kiss meeeeeeeeeeee





She ended the night by sharing her guitar picks with us. There was an entire packet of them! She told us somewhere in the middle of the concert to stay back after if we wanted some of her picks 🙂 How generous!


She threw this metallic purple one towards the crowd 🙂


I'm really glad she flew 20 hours all the way to Malaysia from Las Vegas just for tonight. It was well worth it. We were blown away! I was already diggin' her music before the concert but after tonight, I guess I went from just another passing fan to a hardcore fangirl





Rocker chicks shall live!


The bff and I had fun rocking out from the beginning till the end!


Phew! Yet another long post 🙂 Hope you liked it 😀 😀 😀

Off for dinner now!