It's finally here! After months and months of speculation and anticipation, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has officially hit our Malaysian tech market.

So yes… in the palm of my hand right now, lies the latest smartphone of them all.


The SAMSUNG Galaxy S4 : Life companion

kini di pasaran!


It was a sunny Saturday last weekend. cool I made sure theboyfie and I dressed up in blue in spirit of a huge function set to take the entire Klang Valley by storm.


Jessicat wears:

Grafitti skull tank in blue by Radioactive |  Denim skirt in white by Padini | Accessories by Nichii |

Supernova Check Hearts (limited edition) in Berry Red by Burberry | Classic Suede in blue by PUMA


All decked in shades of blue. So.. where were we going? And why blue?


This explains everything.

Check out the amount of people celebrating the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4!


The convoy of vehicles has just arrived one of the destinations – Sunway Pyramid!


Guess what came out of these Galaxy S4 vehicles?

It was a mass parade of performers! devildevil


Cheerleaders going hard with their stunts and tight routines!


Big bands performing thumping rhythms!

Their outfits somehow reminded me of American alternative rock band, My Chemical Romance cheeky


The celebration at Sunway Pyramid saw heaps of people jostling to be part of the action

What's not to be excited about? It was the launch of the most anticipated phone and not forgetting…


FREE ICE-CREEEEEAAM!! Awwwwyeah! yesdevil


The party didn't end right there. 

The troop of Galaxy S4 vehicles convoyed to the city and made its final stop at Low Yat Plaza KL.


There was more in store for us in this gigantic Galaxy S4 truck


No celebration is EVER complete without brightly-coloured helium balloons and bursts of shimmery confetti!

It was a total Disney 'UP' moment right there devil


Music and more acts were performed back-to-back


Throngs of people gathered at the location to join the fun.

It was no surprise that merriment filled the air instantly.



Pretty epic video! The launch day was really a success yes


Once the joyous occasion at the entrance of Low Yat Plaza was over, people hurriedly made their way inside to catch the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4 at the Celcom Blue Cube outlet. I followed suit.


Big guns of Samsung holding up the Galaxy S4


I stepped in soon after to check out the famed Galaxy S4 for myself.


After briefly playing and exploring the Galaxy S4, the amount of mind-blowing and interactive features definitely surpasses most of its competitors in the market, while maintaining its simplicity. 

Among all, here are the top 3 things I fancy most about the Samsung Galaxy S4.heart



It was undeniably thin and feather-light weight for a smartphone – 130 grams only!

I loved its bright, clear, super-sharp and optimized full HD super AMOLED display. The colours were vibrant but not glaring to the eye too; which works best for me, as I always use my phone under the covers late at night before I sleep.


Built at 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm, the size was just the perfect fit for my palm


Just a pic of the basic homescreen


The Air View/Air Gesture feature


But no, I'm not casting a magic spell, but I was actually scrolling through images in the gallery! laugh

Without even touching the screen and smudging fingerprint stains on it, the Galaxy S4 performs my commands according to the motion of my hand.

It enlarges photos, previews emails, speed dials and much more with the slightest hover of your hand or finger.

Pasti seronok. Memang ghairah sungguh! Aku tak henti-henti main dengan fon baru nih haritu.

Kalo main kat tengah-tengah malam hitam pita tentu nampak macam bomoh kan? Hahahaha.


The Smart Pause/Smart Scroll feature


Just when you thought telekinesis will never be possible with technology, you're wrong. surprise

The Galaxy S4 knows what you're doing and adapts accordingly to what you want. by automatically scrolling down when you're reading. When you're watching something, say, a movie or a video clip, it automatically pauses when you look away (or yawn!) or when somebody interrupts you.

This is so that you won't miss anything! It also automatically resumes when you want to watch it again by looking at the screen.


Might consider switching sides soon. This beauty is truly one wicked gadget! 

Macam-macam kelebihanye! Skarang, sape nak beli? Hehe.yes laugh



For more information and updates on the Samsung Galaxy S4, you can:

Log on to SAMSUNG's official website 

Check SAMSUNG out on Facebook – Samsung Mobile Malaysia