Guess what happened?? I bought  the latest Revlon mascara with glee, waiting to try it out tomorrow.

And when I got home, my hands were so full that I had to shut the door of my dad’s Merce with my arse. Lo and behold, it got caught in between, till the door smashed my precious new mascara and broke it in half!!!!!!!


Benj called me dudu for that! Haha.. I planned to upload the abused mascara picture, but I just didn’t have the heart to. =( Anyways, enough with the pain of cash down the drain. =) Poor mascara, I really wanted to use you. I hope you rest well in the depths of the garbage. Amen.

My day was great (excluding the mascara tragedy). I finally finished the newspaper – The Daily Scoop. Phew.  Verdict: I like it!

My family and I went down to town to grab some yummy lunch and coincidentally, I spotted this ultra-hot dude across the table. And then when he stands, it’s the usual again. SHORT ASS. *horrified* Seriously, the growth hormones in the masculine gender is drastically deteriorating! Why is it that all the good looking guys cant actually reach 180cm?? Is it that lost in the gene pool? No offense dude. Don’t charge me for libel… I will comeback with a conditional defense under the common law and statutory defenses for just providing fair comment and criticism.

Ahh.. it feels good to be educated.

I have this insatiable drive for chocolates now.. since the beginning of the week. No idea why or how. Blame the stress lately for all the final projects and exam preps. It doesn’t help that my mum’s ex-boss bought us this RM158 box of Belgian chocolates!

Uhm.. I seriously demand to know the costing control behind this delicious box of gastronomic pleasure. RM158???
Get real. Is it made of gold or something?
It states that it’s 100% cocoa butter assorted in pure dark and fresh milk chocs, and filled with liquor, caramel, toffee and more. That means no cocoa powder, artificial flavourings or the usual junk they trash into cheap chocolates.. oh wait. I think I just cleared my own confusion. No wonder it costs RM158.