It was the day where punk rockers, who grew up in the 90s could relish with hardcore joy.

It was the day where 2000+ fans queued all evening and gathered with one sole motivation.

14th April 2012. It was the day where Sum 41 rocked our Malaysian stage!


Sum 41 LIVE in Malaysia 2012


Yes. I am certainly one of those punk rockers at heart.

My teenage years were the most significant memories of my punk rocker demeanor.


Sum 41 was a band that I remember rocking out to – on my own – within the confines of my bedroom 


And now here I am at the upper deck of KL Live watching my teenage idols perform LIVE


Remember I ran a Sum 41 contest here? Well, I'd like to congratulate the 3 winners of my contest again!

Hope ya'll enjoyed the concert as much as I did 🙂


Bumped into one of my winners for the Sum 41 contest.

Congrats Melissa! 🙂


My lovely assistant for the day – buddy Pamela 


8PM | Bunkface kick-started the party as one of  the opening acts of the night.

They sang 4 songs altogether.



Bunkface on stage!



Rocking out with their guitars!


Playing 'Extravaganza'!



And 'Silly Willy'!


Those two are my favorite songs from them 😀 Too bad they didn't play 'Through My Window'!

I loved that song heaps! 


8.30PM | One Buck Short took to the stage 😀 😀 

They sang '10:04'. Hurrah! I remember singing to it last year in my car all the time when it played on radio.



Don't wake me up! This is our love song!



Rahul, lead guitarist of OBS! 😀 

He was amazing and definitely a man of talent



They performed a slow rendition of  'Puppy Love' as well


What I found really impressive was their cover of Katy Perry's 'Last Friday Night'.

It was such a brilliant metal version, complete will all the growls 



OBS introduced a violinist who played LIVE! It was a terrific accompaniment to their songs


10PM | No sign of Sum 41 just yet. We had been waiting for an hour!

People were starting to get a tad restless after the long wait but there was still merriment in the crowd.


Pam and I camwhored our boredom away!


What I found really amusing was the way people find such delirious ways to entertain themselves!

The audience from the upper tier started throwing free drinks to the audience below.


While everyone else started to freeze and sing our national anthem, 'Negaraku' and bursting out into random sing-a-long songs.



10.30PM | Finally! Sum 41 broke the frustration with a sudden grand entrance

All the dissatisfaction and rage immediately transformed into high levels of energy from the crowd!


Stealing the show with their Screaming Bloody Murder tour with 'Screaming Bloody Murder'!


Lemme introduce you to the band members of Sum 41!


Lead singer & guitarist Deryck Whibley!


Bass guitarist and backing vocalist Jason McCaslin!


Lead guitarist & backing vocalist Tom Thacker!


Drummer Steve Jocz!


Over 2000 fans queued up as early as the afternoon began! Talk about some die hard fans here.

And hours before Sum 41 rocked the stage, the entire KL Live was packed with crazy punk rockers coming from all over Malaysia and even foreigners who made their way here to watch them live! 

Left side of the stage!


Right side of the stage!


When Sum 41 began playing their signature songs from the earlier albums, both the upper tier and lower tier were roaring with people all ready to rumble!

I had my fair share of yelling (singing) along to my fave songs 


Derryck and Jason giving the crowd one they'll never forget


They continued with 'Reason to Believe' and brought the house down with 'Hell Song'!

The crowd began to crowd-surf amongst each other.


There's a video at the end of this post! We managed to capture a guy surfing away 😀


Throughout 'Hell Song' , Derryck began cherry-picking people from the crowd


Picking out another one!


Bet it was hard to choose; everyone would kill to join Sum 41 onstage!

The crowd was yelling, screaming and jumping as much as they can to be THE CHOSEN ONE 😀


Just keep choosing and bringing 'em people to your stage, Derryck!


He brought up not one but FOUR people up on stage! Saw some of them giving Derryck a big hug.

Everyone got real jelly when they saw that and went 'HEYYYY!!!!' but it soon changed into an 'AWWWWW!'


Turning the mic towards the crowd so we can sing the bridge for him!








The crowd got into the zone and began to whirl up a massive circle pit in the mosh!


Their next song on tonight's playlist was 'We're All To Blame'


Performing a beautiful rendition of 'Walking Disaster'

I must say, eventhough I haven't been catching up or keeping myself up to date with the latest songs off their latest album Screaming Bloody Murder, I truly enjoyed their newer numbers.

Sum 41's new release of tracks felt darker, deeper, less punk-rock – routing slightly to the metal rock genre


Sum 41 performing 'Time for You to Go'


The next two songs were 'In Too Deep' and 'Motivation'. Boy, I swore I could feel the reverberation throughout the whole upper deck!

Imagine 2000 people, upper and lower tier, jumping and headbanging at the same time.


We be causing our own tremor in KL Live! 


Sum 41 letting Steve Jocz have his moment!


He definitely stole the limelight throughout his drum solo!


The continued their performance with 'Sick of Everyone', a number off their latest album as well.



Despite it being one of their newer songs, die-hard fans knew all the lyrics by heart.

Now that was impressive… and so much undying love for Sum 41! 




To our surprise, Sum 41 gave us a few short performance-covers of some really popular metal songs.

They covered songs by Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Metallica and a few others.



After 'Underclass Hero', another twist was in store for us.

Derryck then passed the mic to Tom and he gave us a stellar guitar solo and vocal performance!



Tom's guitar solo


Derryck's guitar solo


T'was great seeing how all the band members of Sum 41 were so cooperative and supportive of one another onstage.

Such wonderful showmanship! Their transitions and performances jived seamlessly 


Jason and Derryck began picking out more people from the crowd to join them onstage


"I choose you!"


Performing 'Still Waiting' off their 2nd studio album Does This Look Infected?





'Still Waiting' was another one of my favorite Sum 41 songs and I enjoyed headbanging and yelling throughout the song.

It was mayhem! Another circle pit started in the mosh again and more crowd-surfing soon ensued :D


It was so insane till a point where security had to come and keep things back to an orderly manner LOL



Don't want anybody to get hurt, ey? 🙂

Keep moshing but be safe, fellow punk rockers!


The boys of Sum 41 performing a cover of 'We Will Rock You' originally sang by Queen



After that performance was over, the crowd was already soaked with perspiration and brimming with their own heat.

The temperature rose and many people were seen pouring bottles of water over themselves.


Some even splashed their water on Derryck!


Oh you wanna play huh?

Let the games begin!




Derryck then grabbed his waterbottle off stage and splashed it towards the audience in retaliation


Derryck was soon outnumbered. The waterfight just kept going! 😀


Sum 41 proceeded to perform their final song of the night, 'Fat Lip'. 

For those of you who have been listening to them back in the day, you would know that 'Fat Lip' was the very first single released off their very first album, All Killer No Filler, back in 2001.


Geez, how time flies!


The final twist of the night : drummer Steve Jocz takes the centerstage and wows the crowd on the mic!


There you have it, the boys of Sum 41!


This was the first time in all the years of my covering gigs/concerts that the drummer actually got down

from his drumset to steal the show with the microphone instead


It was impressive no doubt!


Sum 41 then threw out guitar picks and drumsticks to the crowd.

Everyone flocked to wherever those goodies were being thrown to! Now, I wish I was at the mosh too 😛


They gave us a bow after their stunning two-hour performance


Although it was a pity that they did not perform 'Pieces', which was a crowd-favorite (I could hear people chanting Pieces! Pieces! Pieces! as early as 10PM!), we enjoyed their live performance and all that wait to see them perform in the flesh right in front of our eyes proved to be worthwhile.

Only a true fan would wait for hours (rain or shine)and still support a band to the end and back.



Here's the video of the night

Thanks to Pam for the footages & thanks to Kon for helping me edit them! 



You've made these two girls very happy and proud of the music we grew up with


I'm sure the entire crowd of 2000 exuberant fans can vouch for what I said


Freddy Mercury approves 😛


Sum 41 made us, punk-rockers so proud tonight!

We wish you all the best for the remaining stops of your Screaming Bloody Murder tour


A major shout-out to Rahul of One Buck Short and Livescape Asia and for putting together this amazing one-night-only show for us and making it happen!  I had a terrific time, thank you! 


Tonight's special Rockaway showcase was indeed, brilliant.

Can't wait for the Rockaway Fest this year!