It's time for the most anticipated night of MITBCA 2012!

Following my previous post about Day #1 of MITBCA 2012, a celebratory dinner was in store for us that night


It was The Gala Awards Night; where a private dinner affair was thrown to give recognition & appreciation to all who have worked their jammies off for MITBCA (Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Conference & Awards) 2012 and where trophies were awarded to the 16 winners of their respective categories.


It was an honour to be invited for the aforementioned dinner affair.

My plus one and I 


The event was held at Saloma Theatre Restaurant, a very apt choice of venue for MITBCA 2012 indeed.

It showcases a 1 hour cultural performance nightly and boasts an amazing variety of the Malaysian cuisine.



The restaurant was named after the late Puan Sri Saloma – a household name 4 decades ago. She was a talented singer-actress and wife of our legendary actor P.Ramlee. The famous screen couple's classic movies are still loved and watched by many to this day.


Saloma Theatre Restaurant at night


Caught up with some friends. Flanked by Wilson & David! 😀


With buddy Joe at the photowall! 😀


Upon entering the theatre dining room, we were greeted by cultural dance performers by the entrance.


All set and ready to give their opening dance when the VIPs and Guest of Honours arrived!


Dr. Ng Yen Yen, our Minister of Tourism, making an entrance!


I just love how cheerful and bubbly she is


Dance performance!


Presentation of a beautiful painting as a souvenir


Yang Berhormat Dato' Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen giving us a delightful opening speech welcoming us all

and thanking everyone for making MITBCA 2012 a success


Live Band performance!


After all the stage happenings were over and done with, dinner was ready to be served.


I sat down at my table, looking forward to devour some noms to satiate my overdue hunger pangs


But first, a wee bit of camera love! 


Local delicacies for a great dinner feast!


Some of the food we ate tonight

My fave one was the Stew Lamb Shoulders with Black Mushroom 


Whilst enjoying our food, we were entertained by a few performances: a live stringed ensemble band, two singers & a comedian.


Local singer Atilia serenading us!


Local comedian Kuah Jen Han amusing the crowd with a rib-tickling performance!


Was glad that Theboyf could understand some local inside jokes!

I taught him well 😀 😀 Yay!


Had some time to kill after dinner.

Being the social butterfly I am, I went around to meet up a few friends for a bit of catching up :D


One of them was Jojo! 😀

She was also here to help Yuna receive the award on her behalf


Before we knew it, it was the prize-giving award ceremony!


Zairulkefli – recipient of Celebrity Blog award category


Janggel – recipient of Eco-Tourism Blog award category


Dr. Angelo – recipient of Expat Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Blog award category


 Zuraida – recipient of Fabulous Food 1 Malaysia Blog award category


EB Ong – recipient of Homestay Blog award category


John – recipient of Tourism Destination Blog award category


 Wilson Ng – recipient of Tourism Duty Free Shopping Blog award category


 Nazuwan – recipient of Tourism Entertainment Blog award category


 Emilia Yusof – recipient of Tourism Lifestyle Blog award category


Jojo Struys on behalf of Yuna – recipient of Tourism Music Blog award category


 Edy Zaidi – recipient of Tourism Photography Blog award category


Steve Yu – recipient of Tourism Technology Blog award category


 Zarah Naumul – recipient of Tourism Travel Blog award category


 Andy Telasai – recipient of Tourism Micro Blogger of the Year award category


 Bella – recipient of Malaysia International Tourism Blog of the Year award category


My heartiest congratulations to all the tourism bloggers who bagged home their respective awards!

It sure is nice to receive some recognition for all your hard work, ey? 😀


Perhaps someday I will too. My efforts will be awarded with a shiny piece of pride they call a trophy

A girl can always dream 🙂


After the award ceremony, there was so much merry-making in the room.

The speakers, award recipients and everyone was asked to join in and try a hand in our cultural dance.


Everyone was such good sports! 



The Joget Melayu was performed alongside a few others like the Tarian Zapin & Dikir Barat


Or at least that's pretty much what I recognize them as.

Hopefully my Malaysian history knowledge hasn't left me just yet! 😛


Joget joget dance along!


Clap clap! Apart from traditional performances, the popular upbeat folk song was danced along to as well…



OOOOMPAH OOOOOMPAH!! Dance with us! 😀 😀  


Looks like all the dinner guests were also up for the Chicken Dance!


LOL candid shot of me in my element – working & reporting the ongoings of the event!


But before I had the chance to say no, I was dragged outta my seat to join the Chicken Dance as well.

Alright, fine. Hey ho, let's go! 😀


Gee, I look somewhat silly 

Theboyf also caught a candid video of me doing the Chicken Dance.


….. I shall ensure that it never sees the light of the day LOL 


All's well ends well. I was glad I participated. It was so much fun! 

The event ended with a closing speech by Dr. Ng Yen Yen and she thanked us for our time and kindred spirits we united tonight.


She was impressed with the true spirit of tourism resonating from our hearts and filling the room with so much festive air and liveliness  

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