I was that kid who grew up with Simple Plan's music in high school.

Yup. one of those millions of kids all over world.


And now, a decade later…..


They land in Malaysia; performing in front of our very own eyes!



It was not only surreal; it was a dream come true

And I know I speak for many youths and even adults out there!




At 9pm sharp, Simple Plan came out with gusto and a grand entrance! 

They introduced themselves, greeted their fans and burst into their first song of the night, 'Shut Up'.



Simple Plan – Shut Up


Next up was their favorite song from their latest album, 'Can't Keep My Hands of You' and 'Jump'


Wiggle wiggle wiggle!


Loved the way they performed those two ;twas cheeky and cute! ;)


Hundreds of screaming fans at the Kuala Lumpur stop of Simple Plan's Get Your Heart On tour



What came as a surprise was when Simple Plan sang a cover of Black Eyed Peas 'Goodnight'.

Pretty damn good a rendition, if I do say so myself! 



'When I'm Gone' came up next. Lead singer Pierre Bouvier extended his hand to shake hands with his zealous fans at the mosh pit!

Watch the footage for yourself! 🙂



Simple Plan – When I'm Gone


The next song that they performed rocked the socks right outta me.

I was yelling/singing along to one of my favorites from Simple Plan, 'Addicted' with many other fellow fans!



Simple Plan – Addicted


All the members of Simple Plan began to interact and engage with their fans, holding a friendly "competition" to see whose side of the stage sang/cheered louder than the other. 


They cued the crowd to sing along with them.. or rather, SCREAM ALONG!



'My Alien' came up next, followed by 'You Suck at Love'. 

What I found really ingenious was when Simple Plan sang their next song 'Thank You', they sang a local version of it!



Yup, you read right.

They sang the song in Bahasa Malaysia; replacing the lyrics of the chorus with TERIMA KASIH instead of the English THANK YOU





After they performed 'Your Love is Just a Lie', the stage lighting faded into darkness.



Simple Plan gave a cue for the audience to hold up their phones and wave them in the air with their screen backlight turned on and they began to perform 'Astronaut'.

So clever! Sending SOS from this tiny box indeed – using our cellphones!



The band proceeded to sing 'Summer Paradise' before belting out more cover songs

This time, it was a cover of Cee-Lo's 'F*ck You', Taio Cruz' 'Dynamite' and Pink's 'Raise Your Glass'.



Simple Plan – cover of Pink's 'Raise Your Glass'


It was stellar! Two thumbs up!  


Like many others, theboyfie and I enjoyed their spontaneous rendition of those songs.



A dramatic build-up in the midst of their performing 'Jetlagged' and the backdrop changed – unveiling a new one altogether.




Simple Plan – Jetlagged



They continued spreading their contagious energy drive and continued their 2-hour set with 'This Song Saved My Life''Welcome to My Life''I'd Do Anything'.



Simple Plan – Welcome to My Life



When they left the stage and the entire concert venue was shrouded in darkness, the fans were certainly not ready to go home yet.

Chantings of ENCORE were heard bellowing from all sides of the crowd and after a few minutes….



The band came back on stage with 'Loser of the Year'! 😀 😀



Emotions and nostalgia came rushing back to me when they began to sing my favorite Simple Plan song of all time. 

Their very FIRST single that they released back in 2002 from their first album 'No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls'.



Please take a moment of silence and watch the footage below with smiles (and occasional headbangs)

No wait, scratch that.. JUST SING A LONG with them just like I did!!!! 😀 😀



Simple Plan – I'm Just a Kid

LOL you can actually hear me scream-singing.


They wrapped up their gig with a beautiful song, 'Perfect'.

Many people were seen joining hands and singing along to the said melancholic and meaningful choon with the band and everyone else.


It was a wonderful gig, I can totally vouch for that!

All the top favorite songs from all their albums were performed with so much enthusiasm and the energy-driven concert was just unbelievable! So much joy, nostalgia and headbanging resonated from wall to wall! 



Thank TuneTalk for bringing Simple Plan down to Malaysia for their series of 'No Big Deal Lah' concerts!

If it weren't for TuneTalk, we wouldn't be able to have the amazing pop-punk-rock band performing right in our city



For that, THANK YOU VERY MUCH TUNE TALK! The first of many more concerts to come! 

Credits also go to both my awesome assistants for the day, Pamela for helping me out in the afternoon at Simple Plan 'Get Your Heart On' tour Press Conference and Kon for shooting the footages of this concert night.


Theboyfie also got me the Simple Plan band T-Shirt as a memorabilia for tonight's amazing event!

Loving them for more than a decade, clearly there will always be a part of me that belongs to Simple Plan