What do you do when you wake up to an invitation to the largest and most anticipated rumble in the jungle yet to shake the grounds of South East Asia?

You roar with delight and swing from tree to tree to the party grounds with your favorite Tarzan in tow, of course.


2014-03-13 16.22.39

 Super-pumped for the safari-themed rave party that is Future Music Festival Asia 2014.

Thank you, Asahi Malaysia!


 2014-03-13 16.17-horz

 En route to the Bukit Jalil National Stadium!

 2014-03-13 18.17.27

Look what greeted us the moment we entered the vicinity?

It’s GUY the pink Corntoz horse mascot!


   2014-03-13 18.48.10

Picture time with (half) the giant pink horse!


 2014-03-13 18.17.39

The jungle awaits us all!


Despite the haze, we partygoers still soldiered on. Foot in Mouth

But I was glad the amazing organizers, Livescape Asia, took precautionary measures and provided face masks for us all.


2014-03-13 19.11.31

To my surprise, I found a selfie of the boys wearing their face masks in my camera, so I’ll just post it up LOL

Who takes selfies from the bottom angle anyway? Selfie-noobs 😛 😛

Haha kidding! You know I love you both!


2014-03-13 19.11.42

Photo-ception! So this is Joseph taking a photo of us with Prashant taking a photo of

Omer and Maisa doing the exact same pose as we are LOL


 2014-03-13 19.15.25

Another pretty sight that greeted us. Just like FMFA 2013, this year’s installment

also featured a Ferris wheel for its party animals.


     2014-03-14 10.12.29

Outfit of the Day! I was terribly indecisive of what to wear on the first day

as all of us decided to go in black so I ended up in this.

 2014-03-13 15.40.58

I initially wore this but then it struck me that nobody wears long pants to a rave.

Plus, my top wasn’t black. It was very dark green and I didn’t wanna be the odd one out from the group!


Anyway! We all got to the showgrounds of Bukit Jalil by 5PM, and waited for the rest to arrive.

Selfie time! Laughing


2014-03-13 18.46.19

Guess what happened when Stella and I were busy taking selfies?


 2014-03-17 11.58.14

Photobomber alert!


2014-03-14 10.16-horz

A selfie (or two!) in peace without the photobomber!


2014-03-14 10.00.23

Chilling by the Ferris Wheel!


   2014-03-14 10.14.50

Maisa and I.


When we finally managed to round the entire herd up, we dived straight in to explore the safari! Ahh!


2014-03-13 19.23.23

 Group shot with the mates! Men (and women) in Black yo!


So glad to bump into my other buddies right at the entrance.

Music really brings long lost friends together! Devil


2014-03-14 10.07.41

Wahid and I

 2014-03-14 10.08-horz

Theresa and I


2014-03-13 19.32.16

Grabbed a beer at the Asahi counter.

Save water; drink beer! 😛 😛


By the time we finally got to the stage, the sun was almost setting and I didn’t manage to catch the first two acts.

This was what I missed! Exciting


The first act of the show: Local DJ Eva T!


The second act of the show: Local DJ duo, B.A.T.E


Pretty sure they did a fantastic job at hyping the crowd up for the international acts


Canadian electronic dance duo  Adventure Club was already on the decks as we kick-started our first rave of the day at 7.45pm!


2014-03-13 19.51.28

Adventure Club droppin’ us some sick beats


Influenced by the sounds of Flux Pavilion and Skrillex, the duo comprise Christian Srigley and Leighton James


I loved Adventure Club’s set as it was right up my alley with dubstep, electro house, drum step and all the 150bpm and above. If I remember correctly, I think I ended up shuffling with a random guy wearing an anonymous mask during their set.

Whoever you are, you dance well! Ha Ha

By 8.30pm, Aussie-born Will Sparks took to the stage and gave us a dash of his fine electro-house works.


Melbourne-based Will Sparks spinning on stage.

I watched him play LIVE back in Aussie too! He was just as good tonight, if not better!


2014-03-13 23.58.13

 His tracks got the crowd jumping all with our arms in the air!



2014-03-14 09.45.05

 Quick shot with the boys mid-raving!


2014-03-14 09.48.58

 TheJaanu and I


2014-03-14 09.19.27


Trippy smiles are the best smiles! Big Smile


2014-03-14 09.54.33

Since we’re already at it, why not have another group shot, eh? 😉


 2014-03-14 02.31.28

And another! The Asahi glow sticks were just too pretty.

There’s even switch for you to choose the mode of lighting for it.


At 9.30pm, R3hab stole the limelight and swept us off our feet with his darker tracks, which reminded me a lot of psytrance and industrial sounds. The popular Dutch house act also entertained us with his energetic stunts on stage. Smile


R3hab didn’t only make us jump; he got into the action too!

 Waving our arms from right to left with R3hab who interacted with his crowd superbly well!


2014-03-13 21.26.08

Shutting our eyes and letting the music save our souls!


Took a short break from all that raving as I was drenched in sweat from head to toe.

Selfie time! Kiss


2014-03-14 09.46.16

Stella and I


2014-03-14 09.53-horz

Fun fact:  I usually only selfie when I’m bored.

So the number of selfies of myself I have in my camera represents a scale of how bored I am at an event.


Can’t believe this is the only selfie of myself the entire night!

This means that I was enjoying myself way too much at FMFA – it’s a given!


2014-03-16 16.34.03

  More party pictures of the night


2014-03-14 09.18.19

Clinging on to my Asahi glowstick! So many people tried to snatch it away from me.

Get your own! ROAAAAR! Yell


2014-03-14 09.23.41

We were so exhausted at this point of time.

R3hab never gave us a rest! His tracks were way too progressive and got us head-banging to no end. Woots!


2014-03-14 00.27.37

 Stella and I taking a rest by the adorable pink leopard print phone booth.


By 11pm, the crowd was already summoning our favorite mouse up on stage.

There was a moment of silence as the lights and lasers turned up a notch for the star of the night.



Our king of the safari – Deadmau5!


2014-03-13 23.26.51

Deadmau5 also got down from his throne to party with us.

T’was awesome  to be watching the legendary mouse of the EDM scene up close!


The progressive house DJ-Producer had us all caught up in his mouse trap.



Bolts of red and blue lighting flashed through the arena as Deadmau5 pounded his crowd into nothing but what I would call grated cheese to fuel his insane energy levels!


2014-03-13 22.35.48 HDR

 Raise your weapon!


[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/1xCB8KOOtCA” width=”700″ height=”400″ full=”no” ]

Here’s a video from Deadmau5’s set!


2014-03-13 22.34.06


Do we see some Ghosts n’ Stuff in the arena? Hell Boy


Deadmau5’s set really shot us into a frenzy of electro house delights!


By the end of the night, we were reduced to piles of sweat and in dire need of an energy boost! After 8 hours of hardcore raving, jumping and catapulting ourselves to the skies, one can only expect us to crave for more. Alien

Ironic, right? But hey, it’s only because Future Music Festival Asia 2014 certainly exceeded our expectations.

Looking forward to Day 2, featuring A State of Trance 650. Looks like we’ll have to recharge our depleting energy levels for another night of mayhem!


2014-03-15 23.59.04

Thank you so much, Asahi Malaysia, for the invitation to such wilderness!

I had a fantastic night. Cool


Definitely kept my thirst quenched with your ice-cold beer, considering the fact that mineral water costed 10 bucks. (Yeah, I don’t know why either). Surprised


2014-03-15 20.31.36

Exhausted and lumbering around like dehydrated zombies but here’s a final group shot.

Yup, one for the road! See ya’ll tomorrow for a trance-tastic night!