Imagine going about your daily life doing your usual things and enjoying what you like best – but at only half the price. Count me in, yo!

It gets even better when you can rope in a loved one or a buddy to share the fun times with you, right? The Entertainer gets you that and one more for free.

Yup! That means you can enjoy two of what you like for the price of one.


And that, my dear readers, is what I’m so excited to share with you today.


The Entertainer is an internationally-acclaimed app which offers phenomenal savings for the city’s top dining establishments, spas, leisure and entertainment venues.

It also features hotel and resorts in some of the most sought-after holiday destinations throughout the world.

Founded in 2001 in Dubai by Donna Benton, The Entertainer has grown internationally and currently covers more than 6000 merchants in 16 countries across the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe.



So fancy activities like dining, shopping, hitting the bar, looking after your kids, enjoying your leisure time, travelling, relaxing at a spa, going on a holiday and so much more for a Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal?

Sounds great to me. Big Smile


 I was introduced to The Entertainer recently at a get-together at Bijan Bar & Restaurant.

It was a private, sit-down dinner event with good company over a

delectable spread of fine Malay cuisine.



I absolutely loved the authentic yet fine dining Malay food and the traditional-meets-modern ambiance of Bijan.


But we’ll get to that later!



During the dinner meeting, I got the chance to understand how The Entertainer works and how its users can maximize its deals in everything they do. It was also very enlightening to learn how The Entertainer first began and benefited hundreds of thousands of its users over the years! Laughing

I fell in love with the concept immediately. The compilation of ‘Buy 1 Free 1’ deals on almost a thousand things to do, experience, enjoy and visit all at the palm of your hands – I’d say, why not?

Also imagine yourself going out in a group of eight, and only paying for the price of four. Such value for money, methinks. Cool


I was in Bangsar last week so I just browsed The Entertainer

to see if there are any deals near me. Plenty to choose from!


The Entertainer app enables us to redeem their offers through smartphones and offers features such as location-based services that allow users to find Entertainer partner outlets based on their location.


Apart from searching through location, you can also search based on categories.

I didn’t select ‘kids’ because well, I don’t have any? LOL. But you can. Wink


The choices will then pop up! Choose from dining, drinks, spas,

entertainment and practically anything you feel like doing.


Thanks to The Entertainer, I had a scrumptious dinner of arguably, the most astounding traditional Malay cuisine I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying so far.


With Dana Urmonas and Stefanie Fiedler of The Entertainer


Here are some of the delicacies we had:



Writing this at dinner time isn’t helping at all, haha! I can already taste these treats at the back of my tongue as we speak. Yell

Oh guess what? Bijan Restaurant & Bar is also one of the merchants available in The Entertainer app, so you can bet your bottom dollar that I will definitely be using mine and coming back!


After dinner with the folks from The Entertainer!


The Entertainer app is available for download on the AppStore, Google Play, Blackberry World and Samsung Apps.

It’s free for download! So you can have all the time in the world to browse through The Entertainer in its entirety to see if all their deals are up your alley before you decide to purchase the app and use it.

Trust me, it’s fab. I’ve saved so much and had heaps of good meals so far! Ha Ha


Just type ‘The Entertainer’ on your app store.



In celebration of their Asia Pacific expansion, The Entertainer is offering 40% off its normal price of MYR235 for the app for a limited time only.

This means that you receive over MYR370, 000 deals in value for its current price at only MYR145!



Unboxing my The Entertainer package.

So excited to use it and be treated like a queen!


If I haven’t raved about this enough, do watch the video for a visual understanding of The Entertainer!



In a nutshell, it is basically thousands of offers in one little app.

Think about it. The things you can do with it are endless! Laughing I’ve only managed to take The Entertainer out for some dining sessions so far, been too busy! I can’t wait to use it on some spas and massages, hotel stays, clubs and entertainment!


All work and no play makes Jessicat a dull cat.


So yes, here’s a reminder to myself to make full use of The Entertainer – ENTERTAIN MYSELF AND MY DATE so we won’t be such boring workaholics all the time haha!

Anyway, here’s my experience using it so far. It was very smooth and zero complications!


To date, I have dined with The Entertainer in:

1. Maria’s Steakhouse

2. TGI Fridays

3. Italiannies

4. Delicious


Yes, yes. I told you I only had the time for dining so far. But don’t worry! I’ll get to the other more entertaining activities real soon. Cool

Here’s a brief account of my experiences!



It was easy to use! I just showed Maria’s sister the app. She punched in a code after I did and the deal was done!



Loved their cosy, homely atmosphere at Maria’s Steakhouse!

Totally made me feel like I was in a wooden cottage somewhere in the middle of an uncompromising winter.

Anyway, thanks to The Entertainer, my date and I managed to enjoy two meals for the price of one.


 Australian Wagyu Beef Steak


 Grilled Salmon Fillet


And of course, there’s no separating me and my number one weakness – desserts.


Their carrot walnut cake was an absolute delight!


Likewise, for their Moist Chocolate Cake.



Moving on.. let’s see. Where did I dine in next? Oh Really?




Thank God It’s Friday!


After a cuppa coffee as usual, we then ordered our main meals.


 BBQ Beef Back Ribs!


 Roasted Chicken Breast with Shrimps!


Just like my experience in Maria’s Steakhouse, the transactions went smoothly at TGI Friday’s too.

You basically have to select a deal to redeem and punch in your own PIN code (which you are required to create when you first purchase the app in the beginning), then get the store manager to punch in their store’s PIN code and VOILA! Your deal is done.


 Deal selected.


 Enter your PIN


 Get the store manager to enter theirs.


 Enjoy your meal!


Once I got the hang of it, it was pretty addictive. This appeals to the cheapskate in everyone. Hey! Who isn’t a sucker for deals? That’s just being smart with money, no? 😛

Next up!





 Coffee as usual, to begin all my meals.


Just rinse and repeat the steps of using The Entertainer, which I’ve already shared above!

Check out the main meals we had for the price of one today.


 Roasted Chicken with Balsamic Glaze. Oh damn. I just remembered I accidentally deleted the photo of the extremely large pizza he ordered.


Sorry! But here’s a make-believe pizza which I believe will somewhat suffice 😛

Just imagine a pizza twice the size of your head.



On the following week, I also managed to catch up with my dear cousin Maddy at Delicious, using The Entertainer too. Sharing is caring!




Maddy and I


Our love for coffee definitely jives!


 She ordered a main meal of Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Salad


 And I indulged in my favorite Angelhair Pasta with Smoked Salmon


 Needless to say, I had a great catch-up session with Maddy. Over good food no less!


Oh and, before I forget, whenever you redeem a deal, The Entertainer will show you how much you’ve saved by using it.


Awesome, right?


So there you have it! My entire account of using The Entertainer from the beginning right to the very end.

Well, I won’t consider it the end just yet, because I’ve yet to enjoy it to the fullest! Wink So many new places to explore that I wouldn’t have otherwise think of trying, without The Entertainer.


Go on, give The Entertainer a try.

And I’m positive you’ll enjoy reaping the benefits of it just as much as I do.



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