Gym it and work it out! Here we go again bustin’ it at the gym and Christine went gaga over Rafael again – which I don’t blame her. Like, hello? Who wouldn’t go bonkers over this super hot Brazillian?
Oh, and for the record, you doinkhead Chris!!! Forgot my name just because I was telling you some news about Rafael? *ouchhhhh* haha.. You have to make it up to me then… =P

College went well as usual but not until Ms. Felicia’s class – we got locked out! Negligence on our part as we got too carried away with the happenings held downstairs. It’s some roadshow by the 8TV crew on ‘The Ultimate Prom Queen & King’. *snorts*

Most of us were like, “what’s that all about?” and “ahh.. it’s just the usual thing, don’t join if ya don’t have to” but when we heard that the prize was TEN GRAND, we were stumped! 

So why not join just for the fun of it? =) All you have to do is just snap some pictures and that’s it! You’ll already be in the running for that 10G’s… lol. Yes, that is it. Or at the very least, that’s what the crew told us. =)

I then headed to Christine’s house and we spent hours exchanging pictures to look at. My goodness, I can’t believe how one’s looks can rapidly change! We looked back at the pictures taken in her primary school and the ones taken in my high school to compare them with the people we know at this present time. No names mentioned, but God and age is their natural plastic surgeon. *gasp*
oh, and the view outside Chris’s window is picture-perfect! =)

I just love the setting

Soon after gym, Chris and I picked up Sofia and Claudia to grab Northern Indian cuisine dinner in Sri Ananda’s. Wow. The goodness of Indian fooooooood (and its calories we consumed)
Let’s burn them all away tomorrow!!