Reached there as early as 6pm plus.. hmmm dun think i wuz one of da early birdz there cuz there were peepz anxiously waitin 4da moment of time! kekeekeke… ma babyboiiz stallion zoomed in n i manged 2catcha glimpse of Zaini wearin ma patrol tee! sucha cutie aint he? =)

Headed 2mcd 2grabba bite… met ma sggs palz there… .sucha lurvely sight seeing evryone all pretty n dressed up… well.. .saw ma cgl juniorz too…. hmmm….. aint got no commentz..  errrhhhhh…. =/ ooyeah.. saw sum unexpected ppl there too…. (hey 4arif u shud noe who) wakaakaka…

One thing that greeted me wen i enterd d hall wuz “oooh.. itz a sit-down concert?” i mean okie.. think of all da crinkled oldiez n all but… esp wit all doze dope beatz how can u not get up on d floor n let it out!!!?? Hmm… da emcees were cool n all.. but at timez, they were slurring so dey sounded like they were speakin in a foreign tongue! *gasp* i cudnt evn hear da band name right!

Hmm… first up wuz (juz like lazz yrz) da Malay cultural dance.. by da morbidly famous “dudez” of pfs! it wuz okie.. but shhho sissy-like! or more fondly known as bapok-ish.. hey!! d dude in front had boobz! =0 *ewwww* but wut stole d light then wuz da malay chickz (yess.. real gurlz.. dun get 2hype ) then later wuz d indian dance… typical shake-ur-booty indian movez.. but u gotta admit theyr good… esp da indian dude at d side…. his musclez! *gawd*

Later, came sum local rock bandz like, 2questions.. ocean of fire… ex-sumthin (i cudnt hear cuz d emcees were mumbling) da best wuz dat one tree hill song! it certainly got d audience movin!Speakin of bands, Gawd-noez-wut-their-name-is band n they sucked like *ugggggh* it juz makez u cringe! all i heard wuz “ohhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhho hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha” Sound like theyr aboriginez frm Kampung Ive’-never-seen-da-world! I did hope sum brave peep wud actually stand up n throw bananaz at them! A dude wuz so obssesed wit his performance he evn took his shirt out>.. hmmm *rollz eyez*

Soon wuz d punjabi part of da gig… they actually performed like 5timez in da whole nite i wuz actually gettin quite sick of it!  but hey… theyr gud.. with their rap, dance n stuff.. Soon afta dat wuz dat constant CD giveaway…. cgL rawkz!! go krystal! *huggggz* ma babyboii won a  CD too!imma shho proudda yew! *mmuachies* Sggs n cgL dance n sum partz o their dance were kind routine.. but overall GR8 job gurLz!!! Applause fer gurl power please? *clapclapclap*

I headed 2da canteen 2get drinkz n *gosh* wuzzit full house or wut! Lotza ppl were bzy mingling around while certain pple were wut u call dat, “maksiating” at d corner… No namez mentioned! “bluekk* Btw, No drinkz allowed in da hall…. ohhh.. u scare me… shho wurt? i hid ma drink in ma baggy (courtesy of randy lim) =] b4 i got 2d hall i met… none otha then ma old fren Methi! *yaayyie* we were bzy jumpin like de-legged ostriches! Then wen i got 2da hall… oooopz…. ma drink spilled! yah.. cuz of all dat jumpin… wkakakaa…. i had 2use tissuez 2soak em up! So much fer kekindlence! =)

Back! Then tha hopperz came n grooved tha crowd wit their bdance! *yayie* i actually njoyed dat part tha besh!! da beatz were so dope they were struttin their stuff on stage dat makez ur body go *badaboom!* Yeah.. pikes, 6-steps, backhand springs, windmills, toprocks, sevens, freezez n da like filled da arena! But wut wuz sa ve tha best fer last wuz bern, deric n fungy!They made da crowd go whhhhoooooooooooooooooooh!wut splendid moves! Sucha surprize! more of a “introducin….. da malay bdance crew… featurin bernard n deric wiva lil bit of fung!”

Hmmm. doze were sorta of tha highlitez of dat fantaztic nite… more juicy stuff, cum round n ask me! at sorta 11pm plus, it ended pretty well… but i sorta left d hall by then….Ma man n i elbowe past d people n d bikez juz 2get 2his…. it wuz jammed till he hadda use da unknown way… (he knows i dont!) n left da sch! *pheww* So yeah.. da nite wuz movin’ kant wait fwer da one nx year! MAD rawkz!