ohhhh WHOW! *rollz eyez* i satared out as early as 7am.. 2where u ask>? itz none otha than da Salvation Army…. met lotza ma frenz there.. we’r all there fer da same cause.. 2collect cash fer “dose” peepz… (ya noe…. da kindz of “speshal” peepz dat i mentioned in ma ‘who i want to meet’ in ma profile page)

So yeahh.. ma buddiez n i were dropped off at *groanz* Rifle Range area! Da territory much known as da notorious area… u noe how it goez… drug addictz.. gangsterz.. barbarianz… roughianz.. n *omigawsh* therez evn a cemetery there… so whaddya expect us 2do? Collect burnt hell notez? =/ Me, Suting n Joyce set off at d coffeshop (of which we swept thru 4timez!) We met people frm all sortz in our hemisphere…

Auntie, wud u like 2donate? She stared, she looked intimidated n walked away! i mean, c’mon? i aint no burly stranger datz bout 2topple u if ya dun donate! Like, i dun evn say “hand ova da cash woman! or ur stashed real baddd..” *sighs* There wuz evn tiz dude who kept askin me wut wuz it for .. as if i wuz a fraud! Hello? if i were a fraud i wud dress up as sum bogus monk or sum crippled old hag.. gray matter appliez big in tiz… *gawsh*

Uncle, wud u like donate? *yawns* “tama hor liao” wuz de answer… yeah RIGHT. big time fibber! we were da first batch in it wuz way in da early dawn… how wuz he, like, supposed 2donate “juz now”? Unlezz da ghost of christmas past came 2collect his debts! *giggles* Oooh… speakin of debts… there wuz tiz coffeshop dude (typically wiv his legz up d table) who wuz mocking his buddiez dat had 2donate ma suting n joyce. hmmm… i seized ma chance n asked him 2donate too! He wuz like, “harh? Wa pun khiam arh?” *i almoz burst out laughin* he wuz sooo cute da way he sed it!

But hey, there were sum gud samaritanz dat actually (believe it or not) came n donated without being asked! Or smiled at us n asked if it wuz fer a gud cause… n happily donated! *blink* there definately shud hv more ppl liddat in da wurLd… i mean, look here! izzit so hard 2spare sum change fer charity? NO? Alrighty then….. =( Afta all dat pathetic “beggin” (or so i call it) We spotted a playground in da near distance.. cool! We took a break, n played on da swingz… then later took sum picciez near a dilapidated van! it wuz so awful we juz had 2take a snap of it! =) *picciez cummin soon!*

Later, met up wit da rest n ended up sittin in da coffee shop eatin n chattin… juz buying time… yaddayadda…. whooopz! Itz already 10plus! we swept da market… *eww* n went straight back 2da bus stop waitin fer da tranzport back 2da HQ… in da midst of waitin, our eyez fell on tiz dude who looked kinda cool (but had a lil uneducated expression) he wuz sittin wit sum attitude dat rlly had sum spunk! We agreed on waving 2him at d count of three.. 1, 2, 3!!! *ooopz!* no one waved!!! wakakakakakakzzzz… he wuz lookin at us n smiling too.. so much foh dat…

Finally! HQ wuz in sight n we had evn had free lunch! Sum token of appreciation at least.. i actually “mencemar duli” to visit da notorious area 2beg foh cash.. but then again..im wrong… itz foh a gud cause…  a true guide shud have 10hrz of service 2da community! n im shhhho proudda maself! i evn explored places i neva knew existed in dat part of town! now datz wut i call first hand experience!