Wootwoot!! The first themeparty after the long Easter break.

None other than Toga party :)


Some of my friends used their white bedsheets to make their toga outfits (how smart!). A few of us went to Spotlight craft store to buy some fabric and necessities to make our toga outfits instead

But since I've already gotten my toga dress from Sydney, I just tagged along for fun!


Yup yup, bought this in Westpoint mall – can't remember the name of the shop though!


Toga Party, jump up let's get crayyyzeeee As we speak, we're all playing King's Cup drinking game to get really smashed before we adjourn for the party!

I've skulled a few drinks now, let's just hope I don't get too tipsy.

Oh and anyway, here's the full shot of my dress. I freakin hell love it heaps!



Alrightey, I've gotta get back to the drinking game with my fellow Greek and Roman comrades. We're heading off to the party soon! Ελληνικά (Kalinikta) to all of you too! 😀


Hubba hubba to an endless night of partying tonight!!

'Cos they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do 😉